3 Ways To Share Your YouTube Videos to Pinterest

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In this article I’ll show you 3 Ways to share your YouTube videos to Pinterest.

But why would you want to do this?

Pinterest is the place to showcase your Brand and Business to attract customers. You can set up a series of boards, each one showing a curation of posts offering things such as value / fun / resources / products / tutorials / blogs / videos / training

You can mix up your content on your boards, and you can create some solely focused on video.

I understand that for many people, Pinterest is not their primary lead generation social site … but it is certainly of great value to have an account because Pinterest is a huge search engine, so showcase there all your content that you are producing in the form of blog / social posts and videos, and people will find you.

One really exciting way of sharing the videos that you upload to your YouTube account with a board on your Pinterest profile is by using IFTTT… and here’s how…

You may want to check out my post How to share your Facebook Brand on Pinterest and 9 Steps to Optimise and share your blog on Pinterest because these also give you simple methods to build yourself a presence on the Pinterest search engine, so increasing your brand exposure on the web, with hardly any more work from you.

1. Automate Your YouTube Sharing with IFTTT

IFTTT stands for If This Then That and has many applications for doing many things! Basically it means, when you do something, then something else will happen automatically. You set up this process with pre-built Applets, or you can make your own.

It is a very useful tool for sharing of content throughout social media, and in this post I show you how I use it for sharing my YouTube videos to my Pinterest profile.

First … open an IFTTT account

I have a short video here explaining IFTTT on the inside if you like a visual demonstration, but it has recently had a new platform, so it will look slightly different now, although the principle is the same. Applets were called Recipes in the video.

Using IFTTT to share YouTube Videos to Pinterest

I have been using an Applet I found by searching on IFTTT, which is triggered when I upload a video to YouTube!

It automatically Pins this video to a board I have selected on Pinterest.

You see to the left the details of this Applet, and the information it gives you about the Pins it has made automatically for you.

This particular one was created by our own PAC Expert Author Barrie Evans, and it’s ID is 38737619d

PAC Shop

When you search for, and choose your Applet you will see image 1 above. Then click on the cog icon (Top RHS) and you can configure your Applet.

Here are the steps to set up to Pin your video to a Pinterest board.
In all cases you can see the options available by clicking the ‘Add Ingredient’ box. You can also see from the image what I have chosen.

#1 Enter a Board Name
enter the board name where you would like your video to be seen

#2 photo url
this is the url of the video in this case

#3 add a description
there are several choices here for the information that will show under your pinned video. I have chosen to show the video title and the description. (good idea you use keywords in those if you can do so subtly!)
If you have a link in your video description… this will also show up in the Pin description ( 👍 )

#4 source url
You can add a source url here, where you wish people to be directed when they click on your Pin. You can choose ‘url’ from what you are offered in the ingredients list, which will direct them back to your youTube video, or add in a specific url, like I have done with mine, to direct people back to my facebook group.
Directing people to your blog would be a good thing, but bear in mind, if you want this to be the post containing the video, you will have to go into your Pinterest account and manually change that url after the automatic posting.

When you are finished click Save. Do a test run, and tweek where necessary!

So without even touching your Pinterest account… your branded content that is searchable is building you presence there!

Why would you want to build a presence on Pinterest?

Because Pinterest is a huge Search Engine and people search there!

Whoever you are providing value for, selling to, or attracting … if you are not on Pinterest, those people won’t find you, they’ll probably find one of your competitors!

And when you can automate the process… why not?

2. Sharing From YouTube (manually)

To share any video from YouTube to your Pinterest account is quick and simple

Under the video …

  1. Click the Share arrow

How to share your YouTube videos to Pinterest

2. Click the ‘P‘ icon

How to share your YouTube videos to Pinterest


  1. Click the icon to edit your description if necessary
  2. Choose a board with the big red Save button
  3. Click Save (red button shows when you hover over your boards)

How to share your YouTube videos to Pinterest

When you Pin any video to a Pinterest board from YouTube… your viewers will click to be sent to the original YouTube url that you pinned from.

It is possible to change this link by editing your Pin on your board, if you wish to direct a viewer to somewhere else after they have seen the video.

3. Sharing Videos From Blogs and Websites

Your Best friend here is the Browser button on your PC, or the share function on phone. When you find a YouTube video you’d like to share, anywhere on the web, just click your ‘P‘ browser button and you will be shown the selection of images and videos available on that page…

An example of clicking the ‘P‘ browser button on my Blog is below…

Every image showing on that page will show up, AND a bonus image which is the purple one below… this is automatically generated, and shows your blog name and the post name, if you prefer this, or if this is your only image!

Then, simply choose the one you want, Video or Image, click save, and save to a board as above 😊

Top Tip ~ Pin titles and descriptions are Searchable so Use your Keywords there!!

Pinterest is all about Showing Off Your Brand…

so Share your Videos and allow your customers to find you there too!!

If you’d like to join me on Pinterest … I’m Here


Jacs Henderson

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