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How to use this site and if you haven’t already, please read “About PAC”

1. The Affiliate Shop

First, our mission here is to help members of the “PowerAffiliate Club Community”    promote and earn commissions from their affiliate programs. It’s that simple.

Sadly, most people go straight to the company to sign-up for their services rather than looking for someone they know to sign-up with who would receive a commission.

This is why you become an affiliate of a product, program, or service in the first place, right? Not only because you like the product, but hey -there’s an opportunity to earn money online by promoting it. Right?

So think of the Power Affiliate Club (PAC) as an “Affiliate Shopping Mall”.

Because members of the “Power Blogging and Affiliate Community” know each other, we can “shop” for something we need or might be interested in -at PAC, and a member will earn a commission! Nice!

Second, we not only want to help our members earn income online, we want to promote who they are.

We do this by promoting their blogs, increasing traffic and engagement on their blogs, offering “Expert Author” opportunities where they blog for PAC and promote their links at the same time generating exposure for them. We celebrate their successes, promote their products, inspire, motivate, educate, offer contests to increase traffic to their blogs, and provide opportunities for personal growth in their businesses.

So, here’s what to do:
Note: This is a PAC/VIP Member Benefit

  1. Join the PAC Community
  2. PAC VIP Members may add 20 links to your products if you have more than one

Once you’re a member you submit your links and then they are added to the Affiliate Shop

This is how the Affiliate Shop Works:

  • Review the Affiliate Shopping List to see what programs, products, and services are offered.
  • Click on the product you’re interested in
  • A new window will pop-up with the product’s information or opt-in page.
  • There are only 4 affiliates in each product category, program, or service. 
  • Affiliates are rotated sequentially and to be fair, we do not know who’s going to get a commission – only they know.
  • If you purchase a product from the Affiliate Shopping list, please fill out the “Affiliate Purchase Survey”

That’s it!

2. Use the “Blog Rotator” for Instant Traffic to Your Blog!

You’ll find all the information here

3. Write for us! Learn how to Be a PAC Expert Author

information here

4. PAC Member Pages (to be announced)

information here

5, Facebook Fan Page Syndication

information  here

6. PAC Gigs (PAC VIP Member Benefit)

information here


So, become a member of our community and enjoy the benefits! Have questions? Contact us here 

The PAC Team


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