Membership is required to participate in either the  Facebook Fan Page or PAC Blog Rotators. If you are in the free PAC Facebook community you may also participate.

Please fill out the below form and submit. We’ll add you to the rotator you request, and yes, you may request to be added to both. It’s fun and it works…

RULES for the Blog Rotator:

1. RECIPROCATE. Why? It’s a nice thing to do. A member took time to visit and comment on your blog, return the favor. Also, it gets you into the habit of doing this – it generates comment engagement and connecting with other bloggers
2. Write a NEW POST once a week. Why? Because there are some blogs where the last post was weeks even months old. No regular posting = a drop in ranking AND a loss of interest in visitors commenting on your blog (not good). So you’ll need to decide if writing once a week is important to you.
3. NO PARTICIPATION for 3 – 4 weeks you’ll be removed, free PAC Members OR PAC VIP Members. Why? There are members on the rotator who have not contributed, or reciprocated for one month or longer. Not Fair to those who participate on a weekly basis.
4. COMMENTS must be turned on! Why? Well, if you want members to leave comments on your blog, why have it turned off or difficult to leave a comment? People don’t want to spend time trying to figure out how to leave a comment.

NOTE: No one is required to comment on all blogs in the Blog Rotator. Sometimes a visitor may not relate to a blog’s content. They have the option to search for a post to comment on or leave. If no one is leaving a comment on your blog, content, difficulty in finding where to leave a comment, could be the problem.

Thank you for your participation in PAC, we appreciate you!


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