Build Your Brand and Social Influence with Hashtags

When we talk about building influence with hashtags we are really talking about using them in a way that drives traffic and engagement to the content that we create.

So for example, I write and publish an article on how to grow your followers on Instagram. Popular hashtags you could use for a subject like this would be #Instagram, #Instagood, #Followers … you get the idea.

Well, this is great but what if you could use hashtags in a way to not only grow your engagement and views but to also build your brand

So, as well as using the above tags what about using tags specific to your brand. This is a Power Affiliate Club article so i could use #PacClub or just #Pac. When you use hashtags you group all relevant articles that you create under the tags you use. So if Pac Authors all used

So if Pac Authors all used #Pac or #PacClub then anyone clicking these tags would see all content shared using these tags. The more you use brand specific tags the more awareness you bring to the brand to the extent where you could if adopted make the #PacClub  tag, a go to tag to generate traffic. What if #PacClub became THE tag for bloggers to help them get seen?


There would be a certain degree of highjacking going on as bloggers piggybacked your tag or people use the tag just to spam in unrelated content. But at the same time, you will get people asking “well what exactly is PacClub?” And of course, these investigations would have a positive impact on what we do here in #PacLand 🙂

QUESTION – Do you use brand or site-specific tags when you social share?

I occasionally use #Infobunny on Twitter and Instagram

Let me know in the comments below, I’m interested in finding out how you use hashtags for your blog or brand.

Regards Dexter

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