Meet PAC Expert Author Dexter Roona

Dexter Roona is a Social Media Enthusiast and blogger, truth teller, lifehacker and 8App early adopter. He has a passion for sharing Social Media guides and tutorials.


How did you get into blogging? What made you choose this path?

I started off just writing on social sites and got frustrated with the limitations so I decided that I wanted a blog. I started with blogger but they shut that down and the result was that I lost a years of work. That needed to happen for me to accept the learning curve with self hosted wordpress.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started your business?

That I should have joined Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest the day they launched. If I had I would now have millions of followers on all of them just through the sites growing.

What is your most proud blog related achievement? How did it affect you and/or your business?

I am proud of all of the articles that I put out. They are basically just a collection of ideas and ideas that have helped me. If I can help someone progress from having square wheels on their blog wagon to round ones then that’s the reward.


Please share a blog post that you want to highlight? Why did you choose this one?

I choose my blog about Facebook Habits.  What I think about Facebook is no secret. I long for change. There is no other social site that does what Facebook does and offers. However, at the same time they restrict and steal views. I have become allergic to these Facebook ads you see with a guy that’s all teeth and smile in a suit telling you how you can get to 6 figures. They are basically just rehashing information that is free on the web. I have come to the opinion that it is kind of immoral and it’s one of the reasons why I put content out that helps people. By all means sell me a product, show me how to use it but cut to the chase. Don’t upsell from a supposedly free webinar where you show me something cool to get me to bite and buy. It is not gonna happen.

How do you manage time to run your business efficiently?

I don’t. I just do it as and when I can. Focusing on social media makes me mobile so it’s easy to get ideas and be creative on the move.

What aspects of your business do you want to learn more about?

Email lists… I don’t have any kind of opt in subscribe function on Infobunny because I’m not convinced they get used correctly. I’m looking for ways to do this on Infobunny, I havn’t found a plugin yet!

When you aren’t working, what do you like to do for fun?

I have 2 beautiful children, it is never dull. Fun is free in our house. But we also love the cinema as a family.

What else do you want us to know about you?

If I can help I will. If you have success then my success is having helped you.

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