7 Steps to Achieve Your Dream

7 Steps to Achieve Your Dream

What is your dream?

Here Are 7 Steps to Achieve Your Dream

If you have been struggling to achieve your dream,  read through the following steps and think about how they can apply to your own dreams.

Once you begin taking inspired action, you will be on the road to achieving your dream!

Step #1 – Dream It

Every dream begins in the heart and mind.


Don’t let negative thinking discourage you.

Dream of the possibilities for yourself, your family, and for others.

If you had a dream that you let grow cold, re-ignite it!

Life is too short to let it go.

Step #2 – Believe It

You need to BELIEVE it with all of your heart

You need to BELIEVE that you can achieve your dream through any obstacle that comes your way

Belief is more powerful than you realize

Step #3 –  See It

The great achievers have a habit.

They visualize” things.

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You have to “see” it first by visualizing.

Picture yourself walking through your dream.

See it in your mind’s eye exactly how you want it to appear in your reality.

Visualization helps groom the mind to control the body to be able to achieve the dream.

Step #4 – Tell It

You must tell that dream to as many people as possible.

As you continually talk about it,  you will begin to believe it more and more.

If you are talking about it then it must be possible.

When we tell others, it pushes us on to actually do it and it holds us accountable

Step #5 – Plan It

Every dream must take the form of a plan.

Your dream won’t just happen.

You need to sit down, on a regular basis, and plan out your strategy to achieve your dream.

Think through all of the details.

Break the whole plan down into small, bite size parts.

Then set a time frame for accomplishing each task on your “dream plan.”

Step #6 – Work It

Wouldn’t life be nice if we could quit before this one….

While the rest of the world is sitting around, being lazy, achievers are working on their goal 

You need to “work” at it daily and consistently.

  Step #7 – Enjoy It

When you have reached your goal and you are living your dream, make sure to enjoy it.

Give yourself a huge reward when you get there.

Help others enjoy it.

Use your dream to help others see what is possible.

Then go back to number 1. And dream a little bigger this time!

Tell me in the comments below what your dreams are and what you are doing to make them a reality in your own life.

If you enjoyed this post and found TONS OF VALUE, please take a moment and share….Thank you 🙂

Sharing IS Caring!

To Your Success,
Joan Harrington




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