Essential Ingredients For A Good Blog Post

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There are some essential ingredients for a good blog post, get them right and you will cook up a storm.

When it comes to online marketing, you must have heard that blog content must be marketed to spread the word about your website.  But it is just not about making insane amounts of content and blog posts that hold no meaning, as in the end these will do damage instead of bringing traffic and profit. There’s more to an extraordinary blog post than just words on a screen. Below are some key ingredients for a good and successful blog post that will get you noticed online. If you’ve been focusing on just publishing words every day, well think again.

Your Blog Post Must Have a Key Point.

I’m surprised at the increasing amount of blog posts that don’t have anything of value in them. Well, maybe they have got plenty of things to say, however they don’t have a point. A piece of writing is supposed to deliver a point. Sue Bride wrote in a previous post about making sure your post has a purpose.  It is so important to know exactly what your post is about and what point you are trying to get across.


You don’t often see blogs without pictures. There is no sense in it. People write content so that their blog can get picked up by search engine crawlers, but the people who read these blogs also want something to look at, something eye catching and colourful that will grab the reader’s attention.

Unique Content.

First, you want to have something to say. Say it in different words, you don’t simply want to make the same point that everybody else is making using the same words. And don’t copy and paste other articles onto your website. You want to have a completely unique perspective or approach.

Second, you need a point, a purpose for the post. There could be a lot of research involved here, picking different articles, and then making the best from the material that you have, making it into something unique that will not bore the reader to death. Finding other posts and articles will go a long way towards your post content, especially if you include links back to the original source and really discuss the points mentioned. If you can find conflicting views on the same subject this is all the better for an interesting debate!


This is one of the most asked questions. How long should my blog post be?

The short answer is that it should be as long as it takes for you to deliver your point.

What you must remember is that if you are writing a blog post that is above 400 words, you’re good to go. But if the maximum length of your article is about 200 to 300 words, then you should try to find something more to say. If you are discussing a particular subject people want to see that you have researched it and made all the relevant arguments.

Take care of Spelling and Grammar.

Your content should be grammatically error free. It needs be proofread and edited for any spelling mistakes that can be overlooked in a hurry. Karen Banks wrote an excellent article on coherent writing.  It is so important for people to be able to read your post and understand it properly.

Here’s a helpful approach to proofreading and editing your articles:

Just write the post. Don’t start looking for errors, change the content or proofread. Just leave the article as it is. However it should and must have all of the above things.

Wait several hours. You’ll be able to examine it with fresh eyes when you go in for the proofreading part.  If you are in any way unsure about your standard of writing get someone with more experience to take a look before you publish it.

Writing a blog post can be one of the most rewarding things you can do, both for yourself and for your business. Make it the best it can be. Every time.

Enjoy the journey!

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