What is the Future of Social Media?

It seems to me that social media is dominated by just 2 or 3 platforms. Facebook, Instagram (owned by Facebook) and Twitter.

We then have a whole host of niche type sites that co-exist really just around Facebook and Instagram and are allowed to because they don’t tend to step on the toes of the giants. I don’t like the monopoly that Facebook has built and I’m not really sure how it has been allowed to happen. Change is desperately needed.

So what is the future of social media?

Well, we are all the future of social media. We decide where we create our content. We influence the bottom line, the $ value. Our choices as a group shape how we are treated by social sites.

What is the future of social media?

We don’t know the future but our actions shape it. And I know the direction I want to see social media move to.

The current set up on social media is we as users create awesome content, valuable content.  Sites take our content and use it to generate revenues for the site. This social model needs to change because we are all social influencers. The current system benefits the few and not the many. There are some rewards in this current system though but only if you are seen to be able to help the site grow in numbers. Then you may become verified and in doing so shown to others as someone they should follow so growing your following.

Social media is the biggest unpaid workforce on the planet, we are all working for Free. But what if we could change that? Would you change? Do you want to change? Because we really are talking about changing the mold.

Introducing The8App

Some of you may have already know about 8. You may already be an 8Apper but if not here is a quick catch up as to what The8App is.


Build your audience. Grow your social influence and make money from your popular content. When you download the 8app you will be joining the thousands of celebrities, brands, social stars, and inspirational artists from all over the world. The8App is a revolutionary social platform that is built to reward YOU.


[vsw id=”/Ich3LM6JSo4″ source=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”yes”]


The8App is all about making a change and realizing that we are all influencers and that we all have value. Recently it was announced that Facebook is to start charging £10 to UK users to be able to message members not on their friends list and to also message celebrities. The question that jumps out to me here is why would you want to do this anyway? And would you be happy to receive messages that you haven’t opted in to see? Enough is enough!

Facebook is calling this new feature “Priority Messaging”. Sounds a lot like paid for spamming to me?

We have the power to change how social media works.  Is it right that social sites take our content and then monetize it? I don’t have a problem with that but I do think they could acknowledge the nano influencers. The 99% who made the giants who they are and that is why I joined The8App. Cause social media does need to change.

Regards Dexter

PAC Shop

If you are interested in checking out The8App then you can download the app from your app store or you can visit The8App to join us. Welcome to the future of social media!

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