Are you using Adsense Matched content on your site?

So what exactly is Adsense Matched Content?

Well it’s basically Googles version of related posts that is built into Adsense. The idea is to keep visitors on your pages longer, providing more clicks and increased site revenue. It also removes the requirement for webmasters to have a plugin installed to show related posts. If related posts is a theme feature then you can switch it off or keep it running, it’s really up to you.

Simply add the matched content code to any page or post that you want the matched content to appear and hit save.

Here is how it looks on … Click the image for a live view

Google Adsense Matched Content Ad Block

Google scans your site and adds related posts from your blog. An Adsense ad appears above the matched content (related content).

Moving forward I understand from the Adsense FAQ’s that eventually one or two of the related posts will be promoted posts from other sites.

I also understand that a Google Matched Content ad block does not count against the 3 ad blocks that you are allowed to display on any page of your site, though I am also reading now that you can now add 6 or more ad blocks to a site. (Please do your due diligence on this)

How do I add Google Adsense Matched Content to my site?

Firstly you need to qualify. There are a few minimum requirements needed to qualify. You can read more on the Adsense Help Pages 

Then you just create your new matched content ad block in the same way that you create normal ad blocks and add the code to your site.

The code produced is fully responsive, so looks great on all formats.

Are you already using Google Adsense Matched Content? What is your experience with Googles version of Related Posts?

 Regards Dexter

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