Guest Posting – What’s In It For you?

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The advantages of guest posting are widely known amongst serious bloggers.  Read more to find out what’s in it for you!

A great number of bloggers will accept a guest post on their blog.  It offers the writer a unique opportunity to showcase their ideas and opinions.  You can gain a readership they might not otherwise enjoy through guest posting.

Bloggers may approach you personally to ask you to write a guest post for them.  You may also find some will advertise they accept guest posts and ask anyone to submit a post for consideration. At all times it is up to the blog owner whether they publish what you have written. Occasionally you will find the blog owner will ask for posts on a particular topic and it will be something that fits with their overall blog subject.  They will usually have a set of ‘rules’ you should abide by.  Doing this means you are more likely to be accepted onto their blog.  Going against what they ask for will not encourage them to accept your writing, no matter how good it is!

You should always take the opportunity to write a guest post if you are asked. There are many benefits for you as a blogger when you make the effort to produce something credible.  Indeed Saurabh Tiwari recently wrote a post about 5 Important Reasons Why Guest Posting Is Beneficial To Every Business.

Some good examples of why you should guest post are:

  • You get a unique opportunity to have your name associated with a blogger who you most likely have a great deal of respect and admiration for
  • It physically links your blog with theirs by way of a direct link in the sign off of your post
  • It gives you increased kudos within the blogging community
  • Your writing will get seen by readers who might not visit your blog yet and they may visit after reading your guest post
  • You may get invited to write for other blogs, some of which may be very popular with many readers, some of whom might visit your blog and become regular readers
  • The blogger you write for might help you out with a guest post for your own blog in return.  If it is a very popular blogger that posts it may bring a lot more traffic to your blog

Kathryn Maclean suggests in 7 Ways To Further Your Business Brand that guest posting is an effective way to promote your blog.  It is very true that most guest posters find traffic to their own blog increases when they submit posts to other blogs.

In terms of asking other bloggers to guest post on your own blog there are equally strong advantages for this.

As mentioned above the biggest reason is:

  • If the blogger is very popular the post will attract a lot more visitors to your own blog. Most of these people will advertise on their own blog when they guest post for someone else in order to drive their readers over to comment.  It’s a great way to get good traffic to your own blog.  Did I say that already?  It’s a great way to get traffic to your own blog!

But also:

  • It is a perfect way to take a break from posting in your regular schedule. For example, you could ask someone to guest post when you are on holiday or unable to post yourself for other reasons.
  • It brings a fresh perspective to your blog, usually with a different writing style and possibly a new look at some favourite topics.
  • You get the kudos of having a great blogger putting a post on your own blog.

So both having guest posts and guest posting itself is a fantastic way to build your reputation and it can open up doors to traffic you would not otherwise have had.

Enjoy the journey!

Mandy Allen

P.S.  I’d love to hear your favourite reasons for guest posting!  Please take time to comment below!


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