5 Important Reasons Why Guest Posting Is Beneficial To Every Business

Editor’s Note: PAC welcomes Saurabh Tiwari as a Guest Writer

Do you usually ask yourself how to avail more traffic on your blog and how can you convert that traffic into subscribers?

You have spent so many precious hours creating content on your blog and you have made an effort to market on social media.

But at the end of the day, it only seems that you have some non-permeable wall keeping you from growing your blog. The most important reason can be that you might be missing guest posting.

1. Guest Blogging Builds Relationships With Other (Influential) Bloggers

Guest blogging builds a relationship with other bloggers, let’s see how.

It’s quite difficult to earn the attention of Brain Clark (copy blogger) or Darren Rowse (ProBlogger). But continuously tweeting content from their blogs, while often appreciated, isn’t going to get any attention given they usually get thousands of shares for every new post.

One of the best ways to build relationships with prominent bloggers – even big names like Brain Clark and Darren Rowse, is to make their work flat -out noticeably easier. And you can do this by providing content for their blogs in the form of a guest post. If you can bring unique lines of thought to influential blogs, appeal to their readers and generate traffic and loyalty, then you are giving value to that blogger.

Any blogger is going to praise and remember your contribution. These relationships with attractive bloggers will potentially open doors to regular guest posting spots and will guide you to build credibility and authority within your niche.

2. Guest Posting is a Natural Form of Self-Promotion

In digital marketing, there’s a fine line between moderately marketing your sincere efforts and openly self-promotion of yourself to the point of frustration. Often newbie bloggers will write posts on their blog, then swamp people on Facebook and Twitter with their shares after every 30 minutes. You might have some bites from here and there, but you are not going to make a significant and trustworthy reader base with that kind of promotion.

Guest posting, however, allows you to reach a large specific audience in a way that does not turn up so promotional. It’s more of a natural and indirect way of self-promotion as compared to setting up a twitter account and howling at the crowd about the greatness of your content.

3. Social Media Attention

Many blogs let the guest writer include social media links, typically at the end of the blog post or within the bio of the author. This makes it easy for the spectators to connect with you, increasing your amount of followers and possible contacts. With an increase of followers, it may also increase content shares, gradually coming to more followers and more engagement.

Some guest blogs don’t include social media links, depending on the preference of the owner, but there is still a chance that your social media attraction will increase. This can be possible in two ways.

  • Most bloggers share their recent content to their social media accounts. Therefore your post will be one of them.
  • If you provide novel, attractive and material content, readers may look to your social media accounts to see any new content you share.

For the same reason, these readers might also subscribe to your blog.

4. Natural Backlinks Prove Better to Search Engine Rankings

The SEO benefits of guest posts are often seen but well worth repeating. You can try to test search engine you like, but it’s not going to pay off in the long run. The safest, most effective way to improve your rankings in search engines is to gain natural backlinks on authoritative websites that are very much related to the topic of your site.

That implies, What guest posting is. Every blog worth guest posting offers a section about the information of the author. There you can freely place 1-2 backlinks to your blog.

Some blogs even let you link back to your content in the body of your post as long as the content is very material.

Another big key with guest posting on popular blogs is their posts often get shared numerous times. As time goes, search engines continue to blend social sharing variables into their algorithms; this could act as a significant part in how well your posts and blog ranks.

5. “Free” (Cheap) Promotion to a Large Audience Generates Targeted Traffic

Most people make a huge mistake when they start a blog – they continuously publish posts, but only on their blog.

I know it sounds weird that producing content for your blog is a mistake, but it’s the reality. When you start a new blog without even the trace of authority, you should not be paying the bulk of your time producing new content of your blog.

The stress should not be on quantity, as no one is even reading your posts at the start. Rather, you should write treasured posts for your blog every couple of weeks then utilize your writing efforts on guest posting in authority blogs of your niche.

By guest posting on influential blogs in your niche, you will commence a portion of their traffic flow into your blog. Because authority blogs you guest post on, and your blog are in a similar niche, visitors will likely be attracted towards the topics of your content, and some of that traffic will undoubtedly remain on your blog.

Final Words

Are you struggling for more exposure, Integrity, social media publicity, inbound links, networking events or all of the above, guest blogging is an appropriate way out to be used for the blog?

While it takes determination to write great posts continuously, the benefits far outweigh the invested time. Keep the above guidelines in your mind and work your way towards proposing this new feature to your blog.

The primary point to remember is taking small initiatives that would lead to productive outputs in place of rushing into something without giving a deep thought.


PS – I look forward to reading your comments



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