How To Turn Off Your Social Media Notifications

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How To Turn Off Your Social Media Notifications? One of the most important things or should I say the most important thing for you is ‘Focus’.

What you focus on expands! Focus on good and you will bring good to your life, focus on kindness and kindness is coming your way, but if you focus on negativity and what’s missing in your life you only get more of it.

Eliminate Distraction.

Often we get pumped and excited to do something, make plans to write a blog post or finish the project that we started a week ago, or go through a program that we invested in, or simply sit down and read a chapter of a self-development book that we got so excited to buy months ago. And after five minutes into the task; There is a distraction – Social Media.

We all know that Social Media is created to take your attention.
Yes, we should use Social Media for our businesses because it’s the fastest way to get the attention of your perfect customers and clients. But as helpful it is, Social Media can be the number one distraction that eats up our time on daily basis. It’s good to be on all the platforms, but at the same time we need to use it with caution and turn off the distraction that kills our time.

Social Media Notifications

As a default usually, the notifications on all Social Media Platforms are turned on. Some of them are pop-ups, some have a little ringtone, and some are in the form of emails, but they all a splendid at taking your attention and from one thing to another you end up wasting your time on what is happening all over the world instead of getting your tasks for the day done.

Turn Off Your Social Media Notifications:

Stay tooned on social media, but choose your own time when to do so. We all are part of different groups and communities and that is great, because as an entrepreneur in the online world can get a bit lonely and social media is a good way to communicate with people, get support and provide support as well.

How To Turn Off Your Twitter Notifications?

Turn Off Twitter Notifications

How To Turn Off Your Facebook Notifications?

To find the Facebook’s Notifications, login to your personal account and from last icon (arrow) on the top right corner you can go to settings.


 Turn Off Your Facebook Notifications


You will be taken to a new page. On the left hand site you will see the ‘Notifications’


How To Turn Off Your Pinterest Notifications?

When you login to your Pinterest account go to your picture on the right hand top corner and from the dropdown box click on the ‘Settings’ That will take you to a new page where you can change your notifications by clicking on the ‘Notifications’

PAC Shop

 Turn Off Your Pinterest Notifications

How To Turn Off Your Instagram Notifications?

To turn off the notifications for Instagram log into your account (it can be done from your computer.) Click on the gear icon beside “Edit Profile” a dropdown box will pop up from there click on the ‘notifications’ and you will be able to customize them to your liking.


Turn Off Your Instagram Notifications

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