Increase Your Email Deliverability

Increase Your Email Deliverability

Emal marketing is very popular and is a pretty effective business strategy.

There are some critical policy changes from Google’s Gmail and Microsoft that are affecting the email deliverability. When sending an email the email address that you’re using to send the email “from” cannot be from one of the domain names of the email providers:,,,,,

 How To Increase The deliverability Of Your Emails

The safest way is to have your business domain name something like this:

Google and Microsoft are doing this to stop people from sending spam emails from an easily available email address.

This is not necessarily bad news as it means less spam in your email inbox! Having a professional email address does not only help with the deliverability of your emails but also with building your brand, authority, trust, and relationships with your followers.
All this applies only to the business emails, not to your personal emails.

Even dough you’re using a business email address keep them somewhat personal. Let’s not forget that we are talking to real people on receiving your emails! Personalizing your message always helps.

It’s crucial to test your emails before you hit the send button too.

Obey The Rules!

According to Lon Safko the digital communication leader, author, and speaker there are 99 lists on the internet that have all the email service providers listed. Check to see if your email is on any of these lists. If you are even a couple of these lists, then you’re just blacklisted, you’re just not going to go through.

The blacklists –  If and when you get blocked, they don’t tell you, so you don’t even know and you have no idea why your conversion rate is so low.

So make sure to follow the rules. Be clear that when you are adding people to your email list.

Have A Signature On The Bottom Of Your Email With A Disclaimer And Your Contact Information

Make sure that the unsubscribe link is visible and easy to access. 

The United States has had the Can-Spam Act since 2004 and Canada since 2014.

In Canada it’s very strict, you can get fined up to 10 million dollars per message!

Here is why you need an email provider and follow the rules:

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Cracking The Code Of Marketing Automation With Lon Safko


Email marketing is a great way to communicate with your current and potential customers. To build relationships and provide timely and detailed feedback to help your subscribers and increase sales.

At the same time, it’s frustrating to write emails knowing that not all of them will be delivered, and they will end up in the spam folders. I created a quick video for you sharing how to get your GetResponse email service  (if you have it)  spam score to zero in a matter of seconds.

GetResponse spam scores to zero in a matter of seconds.


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Now Go Crash it!

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