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  1. PAC Shop Affiliate link Submission and promotion (10 links max)
  2. PAC Expert Author Opportunity
  3. VIP Blog Content Access
  4. Opportunity to get published in PAC Ebooks
  5. Free Advertising
  6. PAC Gig Listing
  7. Facebook community
  8. Opportunity to teach a workshop
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  10. PAC REFERRAL PROGRAM: When you become a PAC VIP Member, you’re automatically registered as an Affiliate in the PAC Referral Program. This means you have an opportunity to earn 80% commission for each NEW referral signing up as a PAC VIP member.  You don’t have to actively refer people – it’s an option. But, maybe you’ll refer someone who becomes a PAC VIP member! We want to thank you for the new membership! This is PAC VIP Member benefit will still be available to you for as long as you stay a PAC VIP member.  It’s our way of saying thank you.
  11. ncludes ALL free Member benefits listed below

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