Seven Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Content Upgrades

Content upgrades are a relatively new way to target your readers and ensure you are giving them the content they want and need.

Adding content upgrades to your blog posts is one of the best ways to start building a relationship with your audience. By creating content upgrades that give your readers even more detail than what’s in your general blog post, you are able to deliver extra information that is helpful to them. Content upgrades are also an excellent way to get people on your list as they must opt-in to receive the bonus information. This works to your benefit because once you have a person on your list, you can begin to build an even deeper relationship with them.

Here are seven tips that will help you get the most out of your content upgrades.

Tip #1 – Have a content upgrade on every page

Popular content upgrade strategies advocate putting additional upgrades on your high-traffic pages. While that’s certainly the best place to start, you should consider putting them on every single blog post. Adding an upgrade to each post does a couple of things for you: it expands your reach, and it helps to build your authority.

How do you find out which pages to start with? It’s easy if you know where to look. In your Google Analytics account, go to Behaviour > Site Content > Landing Pages. This will give you a list of all the pages which get traffic order from most to least.

analytics screen shot

Tip #2 – Make sure the content upgrade matches your readers’ preferences

The best content upgrades have a near-perfect message to market match, both in content and in format. The content is the easy part, but sometimes it’s so easy to fire off a report or a worksheet, when the truth is your readers would probably prefer a video.

For example, if your post is based on a video, then it probably makes sense to have your content upgrade be video-based as well.

As with any rule, there are exceptions. In the example above, it might also make sense to have the content upgrade be a text-based transcript of the video for your audience members who prefer written content. In this way, you can meet the formatting needs of your entire audience by providing the content in two formats instead of just the one you prefer.

Your message to market match should take into consideration both the
content and the format your audience prefers to consume it in.

Tip #3 – Add a content upgrade to any guest posts you write

Writing guest posts is a great way to expand your reach. Usually you are allowed to add a link back to your site to promote your products and services. By adding a link to a specific content upgrade, you are able to leverage the host blog’s audience and get those readers back to your site to sign up for your list.

Bonus Tip: if you are going to use this tactic, make sure you have a high quality upgrade to offer. You might also consider creating a specific upgrade just for this guest
post, which includes your hosts affiliate link to your products and
services so that you both benefit from the process.

Tip #4 – Always be testing

I can’t stress this point enough. Always be testing your upgrades and watching your numbers to see how they are working.

Give your upgrade a reasonable amount of time to gather data before you decide to pull an upgrade. At the very least, don’t make any decisions until you have at least 100 visits to the page the upgrade is on. Once you have reached your target for the test, then change it out for another upgrade and collect the data on that one. Make your decision based on the stats, not on which upgrade piece you are more emotionally attached to.

content upgrades

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Tip #5 – Get writing and design help if you need it

If you know that copywriting and design is not your strong suit, get help creating the most persuasive copy you can for your content upgrade forms. You don’t have a lot of room to convince people to sign up for your upgrades – usually just a button text, or a persuasive graphic at the end of your blog post – and a copywriter has the skill to focus your offer in a way that will connect with your audience.

At the very least, if you can’t afford to hire someone, consider taking a copywriting course.

Tip #6 – Explain to your audience what content upgrades are

As far as list-building tactics go, content upgrades are relatively new. You can build your authority by explaining to your readers exactly what a content upgrade is. Not only will they think you’re an expert in your niche because you’re offering them extra information, for free; they’ll also think you’re an internet marketing expert because you’re using the latest trends.

Tip #7 – Get started now!

Finally, don’t wait to start using this tactic for building your list. Content upgrades work, and the sooner you start using them, the sooner you will see results for your own list.

start now

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To learn more about content upgrades and get a free checklist of Content Upgrades that Work, visit Your Message Amplified.

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