Social Media Management System


Social Media Management System.

I want to share with you a very interesting concept that I learned from a training that I watched from one of my mentors Chris Record – co-creator of school for Internet Marketers “Tecademics

Online business or Internet Marketing is all about automating and scaling.

What is an Automated System?

To create your automated system you need basic tools that will allow you to “Create, Capture, and Convert” prospects.

Different businesses will have different systems depending on the nature of the business.
The different social media platforms work in different way as well.

Here are some examples of the methodology of systems that you can scale and use with your business using the social media.

Variable Reward

When it comes to social media, there is something called a “variable reward”. Have you ever found yourself scrolling down through your newsfeed in your favorite social network, expecting to see something very cool and then, glad that you did because you found something?

Social Media is based on you as a consumer seeking that variable reward. The same methodology is used with Casinos: They get people to sit in front of the slot machines for hours.

How do they do this?

They can do this with the variable reward: They let you win something to keep you interested, and the win is your reward.

Now that you have that initial win, you want more! So you want to sit there and play again and again.

If you think about the lottery, you will find that they are based on the same system. You get those random rewards that make you buy more and more tickets.

This is happening with the social media. As you are scrolling down you’ll see your friend got a new puppy or got engaged. And you get excited and keep scrolling and then a jackpot reward, someone is doing a live stream teaching something very cool that you are interested in and next thing you know you are sucked into it.

You didn’t plan to be there, you didn’t plan to do it, you just got sucked into the variable reward system.

Social media understands consumers, the psychology of how consumers operate. What you need to do is take your consumer hat off and put on your business owner hat.

Or what one of my mentors Diane Hochman always says “Get on the other side of the cash register.”

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Instead of being the consumer of the variable system and spend countless hours on social media wasting your time, become the creator of variable rewards.

Understand that there are millions of people participating in that system and you can be the one providing the rewards.

The key is to have a system.

Without a system in place, social media can be overwhelming! You know them – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and so many more.

It’s easy to create an account, but now you have to maintain them all and that is not only overwhelming but time consuming. So if you want to be active everywhere, your solution might be to set up a system or hire someone to do it for you.

Social Media Management System – S.T.E.A.M.

Social Media Management System


Approach the social media with a system instead with the variable reward process that everybody else is using.

Once you create a system for one of your social media platforms, you will be able to create one for all your social media networks.

To make money with your social media, you must understand the addiction of the variable reward system; this is how all the big companies are making millions of dollars.

Understand too,  that you are standing in front of millions of people who are passionate about what you have to offer.

Quick example if you are using  Instagram:

5-7 post a day could be the sweet spot
Just in case check the successful people in your niche how many times are they posting per day.

What kind of post is good for this platform?

Picture quote at 9 am
Lifestyle 11am.
Live story 1 pm.
3 pm. short video clip promoting something
Picture quote at 5 pm.
Lifestyle at 7 pm.
Each platform is very different, so you have to understand the nature of the platform and how it works.

Remember that you should be in business to give the consumer the variable reward. Your post and your pictures must be the one to inspire them. Your video should be that variable reward for your followers.

  1. Schedule your posts using tools or hire someone to do it for you.
  2. Track your posts and improve your system – where performance is measured, performance improve.

As always thank you for visiting. I appreciate you! Give me your thoughts in the comments below. If you think this could be helpful for someone, please share :). 

Now Go Crash it!

 Till Next Time,

Take Care & Stay Cool!


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