Should You Have Successfully Run Multiple Blogs?

Editor’s Note: Please welcome our Guest Writer Muhammad Tabish

This morning I read a very disturbing post that claimed no one should write more than one blog.

I was mortified by this assertion and confess that I cannot agree with the author at all. Mostly his arguments centered around spreading yourself too thin and not being able to keep up with more than one blog at a time.

What about you? Are you now or do you hope in the future to be running more than one Multiple Blogs?

Why Would You Want To Write More Than One Blog?

Successfully Run Multiple Blogs

Image Source:Β Darren Rowse

1. Because you are a multi-faceted individual with a wide variety of interests. Multiple blogs give you a variety of focuses that help keep you fresh and challenged. One blog can get boring. Multiple blogs help keep you motivated and interested.

2. Because you want to make money blogging. And just how do you make money from blogging? By monetizing just one blog? No, absolutely not. If you are hoping to create a steady stream of income from blogging you must have multiple blogs. The reason being, that just when you start getting a steady stream of traffic and a nice healthy paycheck from a blog, the search engines can suddenly drop you out of the SERPs for no discernible reason. If you are depending in any way on income from that one blog, it will be greatly reduced during such dips. And believe me, there are always dips.

3. Being the owner and proprietor of multiple successful blogs can help build your reputation and help you connect with other successful individuals online. This is where group ventures and partnerships are born. Your chance to join with other successful individuals online may open entrepreneurial doors you never dreamed of.

So, do you have what it takes to write and maintain multiple blogs?

Take the time to carefully read and reflect on the 7 questions below. Answer them honestly and you should be able to determine if multiple blogs are for you.

  1. Are you highly motivated and focused on what you want from your blogging endeavors?
  2. Do you have sufficient knowledge about the individual topics for each separate blog to produce long-term high-quality content?
  3. How are your organizational skills? Are you confident that you can plan, schedule and maintain all the tasks needed across multiple blogs?
  4. Do you possess the writing skills to quickly and consistently produce quality content?
  5. Are you prepared to engage in rigorous promotional activities, across multiple social media sites for each of your multiple blogs?
  6. Does keeping up with your craft fit in with your plans? Are you prepared to keep learning and growing in the art of blogging?
  7. And most important of all, do you have the backbone and determination to keep at it, even when things aren’t going your way?

I really believe if after careful consideration,Β  you can answer yes to all those questions, then you can successfully run multiple blogs. That being said if you are new to blogging you should start with just one blog. And run just that one blog until you have enough experience and success that you are confident in your blogging and blog promotion abilities. This will take months of work. Probably a year or more and will vary from individual to individual. But it won’t happen overnight!

During this time you will be building your blog, reading and researching everything to do with blogging. Then you will experiment, try out the different techniques and ideas that you have learned about. In time you will learn what works for you and your blog. You will track your statistics and learn to use them to find what techniques are helping you attract readers. and You will find ways to keep your readers coming back and discover what entices them to spend more time on your blog.

You’re will be very busy. But in time you will become more efficient and skilled. Your blogging technique will become very streamlined. Before you know it, months will have passed and you will realize that you are ready to start another blog.

Obviously, multiple blogs aren’t for everyone. And there is nothing wrong with running just one blog. If that is all you want, if it’s all that you can realistically handle. Then so be it. Do that, enjoy it and make into a thing of beauty that you can be proud of. But if you ever get the itch to add another blog, know it can be done.

There are plenty of people who have done it. Darren Rowse creator of and one of the authors of Pro Blogger Secrets For Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income is a prime example. His book tells his story and it’s not another “get rich quick” scam. It’s the real deal. Inspiring, instructional and factual. You should read it if you have the desire to run multiple blogs.

Don’t believe people if they tell you it isn’t possible. It can be done and you can do it if you really, really want to. So is this something you are considering? I am and will be starting soon.

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So stay tuned for updates and launch dates. It’s going to be exciting.

Your thoughts?



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