The Power Of Words

The Power Of Words

Have you ever noticed that certain words you’ve heard triggered you to take a particular action?

The other day I caught myself opening an email just because of the subject line. I didn’t know the person behind the email or why I am receiving it in the first place, but they got attention, and I clicked to open and read the email.

The truth is there are some very powerful words that we just can’t ignore. It reminds me of a course I took with Brian Fanale the co-creator of MLSP. He is using hidden commands in every conversation. Interesting enough, you can’t catch them if you are not aware. But once you know them you’ll see why he is so successful. Then you will start noticing other successful people using them. But most importantly you will start implementing them as well.

I had the most powerful, comprehensive, mind-altering copy-writing experience. So powerful that Brian made us swear that we will use the techniques taught in his course for good purposes only.

The Power Of Words

“Language is everything.” -Brian Fanale

The words you use are the key to your success or your failure.
We all have trigger buttons, as humans, we have 12 undeniable needs.

People will do anything for someone who fulfills their needs.

The Power Of The Words

The two greatest forces that control our decisions are pain and pleasure.

Sadly we focus ten times more on avoiding pain that gain pleasure. I know for myself I have done it tons of times.

Pain is where most people’s heads are at and that’s why you will see every advanced marketer pushing those pain buttons, digging deep into it and then offering some kind of solution, to solve your problem and ease the pain that you have.

They have to meet you where you already are most likely with a story to make you relate to them. And of course as a business owner you want to make your potential customers feel the same way.

Validate their thoughts, concerns, and feelings. People like to be right, by validating their thoughts and concerns they feel understood, certain in their beliefs.

When you get them to feel that you understand where they are in their lives then you can persuade them to wherever you want them  to go.

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Take one of your own experiences and see what exactly made you to take action, feel the power of the trust when you trust someone with their service.

Encourage their dreams, you fulfill their needs and gain a loyal fan. Just think about it – What do you do with people in your life who discourage your dreams? You want to cut them loose and never talk to them again.

Help people ream big, paint the perfect dream picture for them. Make your prospects anchor you and your product to their dreams and you will win every time.

Make them feel loved, everyone needs to feel loved and connected and you will fulfill one of the most strongest psychological motivators.

Make them feel they are contributing/leaving a legacy.

People must feel that they are contributing to something bigger than themselves – a higher purpose in life.

Imagine leaving a legacy, that you want your grandchildren to keep in mind and remember, and pass it on to others.

Real living is giving and serving. ~Tony Robbins

And the words you use can make all the difference in someone’s life.

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Take Care & Stay Cool!


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