The Truth About Solo Ads

The Truth About Solo Ads is that they can quickly deliver you profits or drain your pockets.

What Are Solo Ads Good For?

  • You want people to join your list so you can start to offer them paid products.
  • Those products can be your own training or coaching, or they can be affiliate products.
  • You might want people to start learning about your business opportunity.

The problem you have, if you’re new to online marketing is that you don’t have anybody to pitch your offers to.

So you build an email list, and now you have people you can promote to on a regular basis.

Even if you’re not a newbie, every online marketer is always looking to build and replenish their list with new and highly targeted prospects.

Solo ads are a very fast and efficient way to build your list of prospects.

What Are Solo Ads?

Solo ads are really just a form of email marketing.

But they are particularly useful for building your email list because they are based on giveaway offers.

When you buy a solo ads, you are paying someone with a list of prospects to send out an email asking people to join your list.

Almost all solo ads are based on giveaway offers.

So, you need to offer something for free, but people have to subscribe to your email list in order to get it.

If you have a free eBook on how to use Facebook Ads in your business, you pay a solo ad vendor to send out an email like this…


If you want to build your business using Facebook Ads, this is for you.


Many people are interested in the idea of using Facebook Ads to build their business.

If that’s you, this is your lucky day.

PAC Shop

My friend is going to show you everything you need to know to get your first Facebook Ad Campaign up an running.

Click this link for his/her free training on “How to use Facebook Ads to build your business.”

That’s it.

Simple and to the point.

People want the free training, so they click the link.

When they do, they land on your squeeze page telling them to enter their name and email address to get their free copy of your Facebook Ad training.

How To Buy Solo Ads

It’s easy to buy a solo ad.

Search on Google or in a Facebook solo ad group for people selling them.

Find someone that has a good reputation, and pay them to run your ad.

You need to give them a link to your squeeze page.

Some solo ad vendors insist on sending their own email message, but others will ask you to write it yourself.

That’s called an “email swipe.”

The vendor tells you the day he/she will send your email out, and that’s it

You pay the vendor for “clicks” to your squeeze page, so you are guaranteed, for instance, that 1,000 people will click on your squeeze page.

A good squeeze page will get you at least a 35% conversion rate, so that would yield you 350 subscribers.

The price per click is typically in the range of 25 cents per click, to 1.00 per click.

So in the example of a 1,000 click ad, you’d expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $1,000.

Solo Ads Flood You With Followers

Many online marketers have built their businesses on the strength of solo ads.

Here’s why.

Solo Ads Flood You With Followers

In the above example, you got 350 subscribers overnight.

You might get a lot more, if your offer is good.

So, it’s a fast way to build your list.

Solo Ads Can Drain Your Pockets

Clearly, you can spend a lot of money real fast if you’re buying a lot of solo ads.

If your offers are not converting well, then solo ads can drain your pockets

I’ve seen plenty of marketers spend lots of money on solo ads, get very little in return, and never run them again.

Solo Ads Can Put Build Your Profits

The trick to building profits with solo ads is two things.

1. Get Your Ads for free

If you can make sales from your solo ads, enough to cover your cost… then you are really getting them for free while building your email list.

This should be your first goal.

Remember, you can’t sell things in your solo ads, but that doesn’t mean you can’t redirect people to a sales page immediately after they sign up for your free offer.

So, in the example of offering a free Facebook Ads eBook, people might immediately get redirected to a sales page for a $17 video course on the topic.

If enough people buy that course before they even look in their email to get your free eBook, you can offset the cost of your solo ad.

2. Build Your Profits

After people are actually on your email list, you can structure email sequences to send out to them.

Some of those emails will pitch new offers to them.

If you do this on an ongoing basis, the people who subscribed to your email list from a solo ad, may be buying multiple products from you for years to come.


Have you ever run a solo ad?

Do you think you’re ready to give it a try?

I’d like to hear from you in the comments below.

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David Merrill

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