Webtraffic21 An Affordable Marketing Traffic Source – Review

A good marketing list is bread and butter of every affiliate marketer.

Building and nurturing it is the most important thing you will be doing and if it’s not then I’m sorry to say that you’re going about it the wrong way.

What is the point of having a great product if you can’t get it in front of people you know will be interested in it?

It’s an exercise in futility.

List building is so important that it really can’t be left to chance. I’m all for learning from your mistakes but if you try that with list building you’ll be wasting time and money.

There are a lot of good list-building ways out there. I won’t argue with that but most of them are slow to see any return:

  • Google Adwords campaigns are not cost-effective
  • Encouraging current subscribers to share your content with their friends is only effective if you have killer content
  • Busting your chops to organize online contests is both time-consuming and costly
  • Most list-building services lack a vital part of the equation that would make them exactly what you need.

Taking any of these routes is a sure way to quickly lose money without having anything to show for it.

But what if I told you that there is a service that can be leveraged so awesomely that you’ll grow your marketing list and possibly double its size in a matter of weeks?

With WebTraffic21 list building for affiliate marketing has never been easier.

It was built with affiliate marketers in mind and here is why it’s the best possible source of traffic for you to date:

WebTraffic21 has 1,441,160 subscribers right nowWebtraffic21 Review: Subscriber count

This number changes on a regular basis – it has been growing at a steady rate of 1.42% on average every month for the last 4 years.

However, there are times when it goes down bit – this is because we constantly weed out subscribers who have gone cold and unresponsive email addresses.

This ensures that your offers always go out to interested prospects without ending up in their spam or junk folder.

Imagine having access to nearly 1 and a half million people worldwide who are just a few clicks of the mouse away!

You can make sure your message reaches your intended audience

WebTraffic21 segments its subscribers meticulously so you can deliver your message to the exact audience you believe will benefit from it the most.

Choose between 66 interest groups spread across 21 major niches and collect only leads that are worth having for your particular business.

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Top Tier Targeted Advertising

For example, let’s assume you are selling a state of the art baby monitoring equipment but you’re shipping only to the US and Canada.

Stands to reason you wouldn’t want to get emails from people in the UK.

WebTraffic21 allows you to target two different interest groups in a single niche that might be interested in your product.

The first one – Kids and Children Toddlers – has 44,520 active subscribers.

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The second one – Kids and Children Pregnancy Babies – has 21,780. Combined, that is a list of potential leads that is well over 65,000.

And guess what – these are all women ages 18 to 32!

Getting 10% of those women to sign up to your mailing list means that you are now marketing to a specific niche group that is in the childbearing age and has a burning need for what you’re selling!

Or at least they soon will. You’re no longer wasting your time reaching out to retired male college professors who wouldn’t have the slightest idea what to do with a baby monitor.

Your email open rates will go up and if you know what you’re doing so will your conversions!

WebTraffic21 is the most cost-effective list building service that I know of

…and I know a lot of them! Building your list the wrong way will suck you dry.

But if you give WebTraffic21 a chance you will get results at affordable prices every single time.

cost effective traffic

The most expensive package costs $ 45 and gets you 500 clicks, guaranteed.

This means that your CPC is exactly ¢ 9. Compare that with Google PPC campaigns where clicks cost up to $ 5 in more competitive niches and you’ll realize you are getting a great deal.

Of course, CPC goes down for larger packages and you are getting a nice little 20 % discount if you decide to subscribe and regularly get qualified leads from WebTraffic21 – you can bring down your total CPC to just ¢ 4!

The savings add up and with all the extra revenue you’ll be getting from your qualified lists you will soon be able to afford a couple of great vacations for yourself and your family!

Top-notch customer service

It takes a village. As an affiliate marketer you’re used to doing things all by yourself but you know that your results would be much better if there is someone there willing to guide you.

Most list building services drop you in the deep end and expect you to figure everything out yourself. Most people end up drowning, of course.

WebTraffic21 customer support is available to you around the clock. Every email gets answered, every phone call returned.

We’re dedicated to making sure your campaigns are a success, so don’t hesitate to give us a call whenever you feel stuck or out of your depth.

To start building your lists with Webtraffic21 simply create an account and you will be ready to work on your first campaign within minutes.

My advice is – make sure you’re sending people to an opt-in page that has excellent gated content that you will be giving out in exchange for their email address.

Invest time in making your offer irresistible and give out pure value and people will flock to subscribe!

Affiliate marketing list building doesn’t have to be a pain – and it certainly isn’t with WebTraffic21.

Happy list building and please, drop down to the comment section if you have any questions!

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