What Your Mistake is Trying So Hard to Tell You

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You wish the ground should open up and take you in because you just made the biggest mistake in your life.

You are upset and wish you could go back in time and make things right.

This big mistake has cost you to lose everything in your life. You can’t look at those you love in the eye because your heart knows how much you have hurt their souls.

The scar that your mistake has left behind will never go away in generations to come.

How could you do this to me? You lash out at your mistake and while you are bitter and wish for your mistake to go away from your life, here is what your mistake has to say:

It is Not My Fault

Sadly your Mistake whispers that it is not it’s fault.

Circumstances led it to your path. Your Mistake never intended to hurt you but it was the decisions you made that brought it to your path.

It tried so hard to avoid you and even asked wisdom and risk to talk to you. Your Mistake kept pushing them to reach out to you but your mind was as rigid as stone.

Your Mistake even went as far as giving you some warning signs but you followed your decisions to the very end.

There was nothing your mistake could do but watch as you fall and now you point your fingers instead of taking responsibility for your decisions.

I Can Help You

So your Mistake feels so bad for what it has done in your life.  It’s sorry for all you have lost and wants to help you to make things right.

Your Mistake feels your pain and understands your agony but it can’t help you if you are so engrossed in holding on to your loss.

You might not be able to get back what you have lost but your mistake sure knows that you will never be the same feeling at lost.

In its years of immortal time on earth, It has learnt that it will always be a source of agony to those that comes across its path but despite this truth, it has also been a guide to greater things to those who have looked past the hurt.

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So what Mistake asks is for you to let go of the pain and see the opportunities that are before you.

See the Opportunities and Move Forward

What you don’t realize is that you are powerful beyond measure. You have the power to write your success story and make your dreams become a reality.

No matter the obstacles, your mistakes will always be a catalyst to make you grow. With every mistake in your life leads to the door of better things.

What your Mistake has tried so much to let you know is that you can take advantage of your loss and turn it to bliss; only if you can look past the error and see the opportunities in your life.

What you never realized is that it is not falling down that matters but the end results is what makes the difference.

So Mistakes says you should rise up and go make a difference

Have a lovely day! Be an Inspiration!



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