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 Membership with a community of like-minded people might be in Your future.

What do you want to see in your life in the new year? What do you want to create in 2016 for you and your family? You can see your dreams come true – if you have the money to do it with.  Right?

What is in store in your life concerning money? What income do you want to create? Do you see fun times ahead traveling or vacationing with friends or family? Would that even be possible?  Do you want to make money online?

How do you want to create a difference?
How can you contribute to your community? Contribute to  a charity? Personal growth or maybe more spirituality? What would you like to see happen? What can you create? What career goal images pop up?

See your self-achieving those goals already.

How are you going to add more fun and excitement to your life?
What things would you like to do? See yourself as healthy, vibrant and alive. What would you like to do to make that happen? What do you see yourself doing?Do you see yourself on stage, or in your own successful business?

Wake up each morning feeling alive, positive, and feeling grateful for all that you have.
– Write it all down with a date deadline. Tick them off as you achieve them.

What do you want to create and achieve for your business?

Relate it back to your business problems in 2015. Focus on the next right step.
Make it achievable with incremental goals.

So how to achieve your goals? Let’s look at creating your own membership site…

Why a Membership Site?

A Membership site answers that old entrepreneurial problem of time = money.
You are limited as a consultant, business owner or service provider to the number of people you can serve, because of the limit of the number of hours you wish to work. If you have 10 clients that you work with one to one and you trade time for money, your income is constrained to the number of hours you can work a day with only those 10 clients.

A membership site can serve many more clients and there is so much more you can achieve with a membership site. The goals you want to achieve can be incorporated through the programs and activities you choose to implement. A regularly occurring income is one important achievement for sure!

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin – to get it all sorted out so you can build a super successful business in the New Year.

Make membership your business model and you will have a business that you will LOVE. It will  generate a recurring income which gives you the lifestyle you are looking for.

You’ve seen membership sites all over the online business world. There are all kinds of them. Some offer monthly support communities or others offer specific lessons on how to do something.

The membership sites in this article that I refer to are on blogging / affiliate marketing: The Power Affiliate Club, Female Entrepreneurs – The Female Entrepreneur Association  and creating membership sites with – The Member site Academy or  WishList Member.

PAC Shop

Attract like-minded members, keep them engaged and they will stick around and continue paying over a longer time. You can start small and build your community over time. You can grow as big as you would like over the coming years.

Things to consider before getting started

  1. What is the soul of the membership, your main goal ?
  2. Who would you be serving in this type of membership?
  3. What are their concerns or frustrations?

A membership site will provide you with a platform to serve more people without using an exponential amount of time. Also,  if you can create and maintain a membership that actually fulfills your ideal client’s needs, you can build more financial stability into your business with regular recurring monthly income from membership communities.

Focusing on understanding the kind of people who would want to be part of your membership by thinking about the type of people they’d be (passionate about building a business, determined people who want to network, build new relationships and learn new skills).

These things will help you to be clear on their challenges, and frustrations, so you could address them. You do this by creating a survey, asking your audience questions so you are better able to understand the direction to go.

I do know that PAC has been doing this consistently. One question might be if they’d be interested in joining a membership group, and if so, what they’d like to see inside it? Ask your audience what they want and then give them what they want. Power Affiliate Club PAC is about to open their membership site very soon as I write this article.

What would the main benefit be of joining your membership?

What will be your core beliefs? On a monthly basis, what content are you doing to create? After considering these points what type of membership site will you create?

How will you stay organized?

  • Will you batch create your content for the entire year over a few days time?
  • What can you batch together?
  • Example: Shooting many videos in a few days time, that will serve your members for a long period of time. Perhaps for 6 months.

Elements of a Membership Site

  • Choosing the right plugins for a membership site
  • Create membership pages
  • Setting up sales pages and setting up payment processor
  • Where to store your videos and keep  your files secure
  • Setting up the on boarding process for new members

What method would you use to launch enrollment?
-Facebook ads
-Social Media
-Email marketing
-Free enrollment for a certain time.

Membership Plugins:

Member Press:
Has a function that automatically emails someone if they start automation, but don’t complete. It also offers members the option of pausing their subscription.

Live Chat:
Enables you to answer any questions people may have that might have led them to not sign up. It reverts to a simple contact form when you are not available.

Support Issues:
Zendesk  acts as a shared inbox for support emails . Also has the option to create a “knowledgebase” of common issues to help members help themselves.

You purchase InstaMember from its sales page, and you will see that your bill states it is from ClickBank. Has many products that you can configure an affiliate program for.

 powerful, yet easy to use membership solution that can turn any WordPress site into a full-blown membership site. Just unzip and upload the plugin, and within minutes you’ll have your own membership site up and running… complete with protected, members-only content, integrated payments, member management, and so much more!

How are you going to get new members?
You could create a waitlist and get people excited. Have them optin to be informed when the next enrollment would take place. Would your membership be open for enrollment all the time or closed with specific enrollment times? The Female Entrepreneur Association likes this type of enrollment.

Three membership models are listed here

To find out more about membership sites visit the sites below.

The image used is  courtesy of Stuart Miles with Free Digital Photos. net
Curated  information in this article is from the following sites:

The Female Entrepreneur Association
The doors to the members’ club are open again.
We would love to welcome you on board before enrollment closes…. Come Join Us

Member site Academy
They cover a mix of strategy and technical training that can help you to expand your own skill set. It’s also a great place to find collaboration opportunities and develop key relationships for your business.

PAC  Power Affiliate Club 
Unlimited Affiliate Link Submissions (must be active on the blog rotator).
PAC Expert Author Opportunity.
Author Article Promotion.
Affiliate School.
“The PAC 5% Club” (Inspiration, motivation Hangout).
Top Expert Author Commentator on PAC Blog Contest.
And much more…

NEW PAC Member’s site: 

Christmas Week – Membership Gift Dec 21-25th – more info to come! If you’re not a member of PAC, join us now so you can get in on this Holiday gift!

To Your success in 2016!


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Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!


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