#1 How To Cultivate The Know, Like and Trust Factor

When you last joined or bought from a company, did you do it by just randomly clicking a link and joining, or did you Know Like and Trust them?

You may be selling Products, Services, Coaching, Affiliate marketing or Sponsoring people into a business but your aim is still to turn All those people out there in the market place into Your Customers…

But How?

As you see from my image You are at the centre of your business and everyone else is out there in the world, being bombarded with advertising and marketing of products and services by post, tv, email, text and even door to door these days.

#1 How To Cultivate The Know Like and Trust Factor

Remember the formula … EXPLODE OUT ~ ATTRACT IN

My Mission over the next few posts is to take you through the steps and show you how to turn those people towards you and have them take the 6 Steps IN as they learn to Know, Like and Trust you.

Most businesses start their customer base with people they know, whom we call our ‘warm’ market , but when they run out it can be uncomfortable approaching ‘cold’ prospects or customers.

Advertising and Marketing offline and online can be effective in many cases, but it is still not that common for someone to buy from a link if they do not know the seller, and you often experience low conversion rates.

Showcasing your product or service at offline Trade Fairs or Local shows and markets is usually effective in building relationships, but it is also time consuming.

Here is a great post from PAC Expert Author David Merrill “What’s The Best Way To Get Traffic?” which could be for recruits or customers, but you will see that whatever strategy you use, you always need, or will be hugely more successful using the KLT Factor.

Where do we start?

Your goal is to find a way to get people to Know, Like and Trust you as FAST as possible, so when you run out of ‘warm’ market you have a continuous supply of fresh leads going through your 6 Step Cycle.

But, you have to learn do this the right way, so people are Attracted IN to you and become your warm audience eager to hear from you and join you in business or as a customer.

If you would like to work closer with me on this strategy for your Business, then please join me in my Facebook Community and we will talk!

This is a SIMPLE Process, and you may think

“that is easy… anyone could do that”

… and you’ll be right!

But the funny thing is, because it’s so Simple, Some will and Some won’t.

The process works, and always will, but only if you do it!

The people who take action will get results, and the ones that don’t, won’t!!

Like many things, everyone has access to the Same Knowledge …
It’s your choice what you do with it!

If you are struggling with your sponsoring, this will be enlightening!


Before we begin… some Homework

Just a few thoughts…

Many people use their blog as the hub of their business, and that is indeed a wonderful place to showcase your information, products and have an opt-in form.

You may like to think about setting up a Community. This can be done on Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn, depending on which site you are most active on.

This is a place where all your blog visitors, email subscribers and friends and contacts can be directed to for you to build relationships with them.

Think about your Purpose.

I suggest that you think about your Purpose for using the 6 Steps and what you are trying to achieve.

Purpose, by definition is why you do something or why something ​exists.

In the context of your Business plan, your Purpose needs to define why you are going to enter the 6 Step Sequence and what you want to get out of it.

At this stage, we are not goal setting, just exploring your intentions so you will be working ‘On Purpose’ and have a sense of determination and a reason for continuing the sequence.

Since I have a Social Network Marketer’s Community, lets assume for this post, that your Purpose is to bring new members into your Business or team,

… but you can obviously relate this to your business model.

My Focus Purpose right now is to build My Community to help Social Network Marketers and bloggers build your social circles by Sharing and Syndicating your content and help you Sponsor and grow your businesses using The 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence.

We are not talking Life Purpose here… although it may be related!

You may want to find X new Coaching Clients per month, Recruit X people into your team, Sell X products per month.

Once you know what your Purpose is for Attracting people to you then you have the start of an EFFECTIVE Plan.

The function of defining your Purpose is to form invisible lines which point to where you want to head then develop the habits in the 6 Steps you need to pull you towards achieving your end result.

When you don’t feel you are achieving what you want in your life, you lack purpose and passion.

So add some Passion into your Purpose…

Passion + Daily Action = Purposeful Life

So until next time, prepare for The 6 Step Sequence To Cultivate the Know Like and Trust Factor!

When you have a Purpose in mind, please share below, and if you feel inspired by a comment you see, please say so!!

 Jacs Henderson

                 The Social Network Marketer

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