10 Steps To Gain Control Of Your Business Life


10 Steps To Gain Control Of Your Business Life

Focus is a word that you will hear and read about online until it’s “done to death.” However, it is a very important part of working online.

Until you decide that you are going to focus and hold yourself accountable either in a group or create your own goals, then you are just destined to spin your wheels and fail.

10 Steps To Gain Control Of Your Business Life-3Read Joan Harrington’s post that is a little more in-depth on focusing: How To Be More Focused –  Here’s What You Need To Know

The Monster is Real

We all make jokes about the SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome) but it is a very real monster that will creep in and take hold of you again many times over if you keep allowing it to do so.

I am ashamed to say it but I fight the “SOS Monster” almost every day.

Back to my point of this post, I took a good long look again at my business online and realized I needed to scale back and decide for the last time what I am going to focus on and “NOT” change my mind and I DO need to learn to ignore new things that come along and we all know there will be new things coming along each and every day and sometimes many in one day.

Okay, to start with, “IF” you’re maybe one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have to fight the SOS Monster, that’s awesome but I’m sure you do know someone you can pass this on to.

Below, I’ll share with you the steps that I use and what I think is the most efficient way to do this. You may find other variations of your own to add but this will be a basic “Get Started Post.”

10 Steps To Gain Control Of Your Business Life-110 Steps To Gain Control Of You and Your Business

1. Make a list of everything you are involved in on the Priority List.

2. Go through the list and be honest with yourself as to what you are really interested in working with and delete or cancel the program, membership, etc.


3. Assign a priority to each of the things you have left on your list.

4. With your “To Do List” start listing the tasks that you want to accomplish for the day (using a new sheet each day is recommended). Doing this each evening to be ready for the next day will save you time and you can get right to work early in the morning (See #10).

5. First thing each day – you should work on something that creates an income for you.

6. Use a kitchen timer on each task that you work on. The timer should be mandatory for things like email, advertising, social sites and connecting with people. You can also use the Google timer online.

7. Be consistent each and every day working on the money tasks, blogging/writing, and email and social media.

8. Don’t be discouraged if you are sidetracked by life occurrences but be very aware of any people or things that will distract you from your intended work for the day. Try to learn how to avoid the distractions from then on.

9. At night, evaluate your progress for the day and list anything that distracted you and take notes on things that you are prone to let get in your way. I find that writing something down on paper seems to embed it deeper in my mind.

10. Plan your “consistent tasks” for the next day and get a good nights sleep.

10 Steps To Gain Control Of Your Business Life-2Weekly Business Priority List: Some examples of your tasks could be:

1. Update your blog
2. Write a new post
3. Write a guest post
4. Work on creating your own product
5. Writing time on your novel or freelance writing that you have to get done
6. Schedule a new email campaign
7. Make new contacts on social media (this can be a major time waste if you’re not careful)
8. Any other specific projects that you work on each day.

Daily Tasks by Priority (Using Timer):

1. Writing (blog post, article, book, etc.)
2. Reading blogs, sharing and commenting
3. Social Media contacts
4. Advertising
5. Email
6. Exercise and water intake (as bad as I hate to admit it, making sure you exercise and have enough water intake will make you feel better.)

I hope I have provided some ideas for you to begin your own method of prioritizing and getting consistent and organized.

We are still in the first quarter of 2018 but it will be ending soon, but it’s not too late to get started on a plan of action.

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