11 Ways to Re-engage Your Audience and Get the Conversation Going Again

11 ways to re-engage your audience

Your business depends on you being able to keep your audience interested and engaged.

In my last post, I talked about the types of content you can use to keep your audience engaged with you. But there’s more to it than just adding different types of content to your blog. You also have to know why your readers aren’t engaging with you and what you can to do restart the conversation.

Here are 11 actions you can take to re-engage your audience

1 – Know your audience

You might have the same audience you’ve had for years, but do you really think they’re the same people they were when you started however many years ago? People change, opinions and tastes change, so if you’re still giving them the same content you did when they first signed up, they might be bored and uninterested.

Take the time to get to know your audience again. Figure out what they want now and find ways to deliver that.

2 – Pay attention to keywords

I’m probably the last person who should be telling you to pay attention to keywords because I don’t really do that myself (even though I should). If you’re using outdated keywords, you may be losing your audience because they’re not searching for what you’re focusing on.

Do a little keyword research to understand what your audience is interested in now.

3 – Refresh your content


If your content is more than a couple of years old, it may be stale and out of date. Worse, it may look like it’s old and out of date before anyone even reads a word.

Spend some time refreshing your content to give it a new look. You can change the graphics, the layout, the sub-titles, headers, and calls to action without changing the page. If you want to give it a new title, you’re probably best to republish as a new post, but don’t forget to set up a redirect so your readers can find your content without getting error messages.

And don’t just update your blog posts. Check your autoresponder series to see if they could use some updating too.

4 – Use Content Upgrades

You knew I was going to add this in here somewhere, right? Content upgrades go hand in hand with refreshing your older content. Adding checklists, cheatsheets and other items can help rebuild your list with new, more engaged members.

Content upgrades also work well when it comes to creating a re-engagement campaign for your email list too.

5 – Take advantage of segmenting

Most autoresponders have tagging features that allow you to segment your audience based on the actions they take. Learning how to use these and taking advantage of them allows you to deliver the content that your audience is most interested in.

Segmenting also works well with paid advertising because you can target your segments and make sure your readers only see the most ads that are most relevant to them.

6 – Clean your email lists

This goes along with segmenting in a way. Having a list filled with people who don’t open your emails or do open your emails but don’t take any action on them doesn’t really do you any good. You only want quality people on your list who are going to engage with you and who want what you have to offer.

Cleaning your email lists on a regular basis gets rid of the people who never open your emails, and improves both your engagement and also you conversions. It also gives you the opportunity to segment your list based on their opening habits.

Then you can treat your regular readers to a discount or special content just for them. The unopens can go into a separate segment where you can create a re-engagement campaign to get them back or your list, or delete them if they still don’t open any of your messages.

7 – Re-engage your audience with contests

Hosting a contest can jumpstart the buzz around your updated blog and mailing list. Make the prizes something that would be needed or wanted by your ideal audience.

8 – Build a community

Building a community is a great way to engage new followers and re-engage older ones. Using something like Facebook Groups makes it easy because you can communicate with them in a more relaxed and balanced way. You can get to them, and they can get to know, like, trust, and interact with you.

9 – Use surveys

It seems simple, but asking your readers what they want is a really good way of re-engaging them.

10 – Get real with your audience

One of the best ways to engage with your audience is to let them see the real you. And let’s face it, for them to re-engage with you, you pretty much have to engage with them first on some level.  Facebook Live is a good way to do this, and to harness the power of video for future audience engagement as well.

11 – Always have a compelling call to action

Another common-sense tip, but one I see many marketers miss out on is to always have a compelling call to action in every engagement opportunity. You don’t always have to be selling, but you do have to ask your audience to do something like click, share, comment, or … well, you get the idea. The truth is a lot of the lack of engagement from your audience can stem from them not knowing what you want them to do. So make sure you always have something for them to do so they know the next step to take.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your audience engaged is not a set and forget task. You must actively work at learning what they need, what problems they’re looking to solve, and then figure out how you can solve them and deliver what they need. Part of the know, like, and trust process relies on you engaging with them as well. So make sure your content on your blog and in your emails matches the message you’re trying to send, and that you are continually inviting your audience to connect with you.

When you feel your engagement is less than it could be, test out these tips. And remember… always do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t. You’ll be back to having an audience that looks forward to connecting with you in no time.


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