#2 How To Cultivate The Know Like and Trust Factor

In order to Cultivate The Know Like and Trust Factor, you need to be engaged with a person over a period of time.

This is a process, and if you start, then leave off for a while, like most tasks, there will be some overlap or repeating of what you did before to return to the point where you left off.

Relationships do have a habit of deteriorating when they are not nurtured at the beginning, and will generally grow in proportion to the effort put into them.

Sometimes slow and steady is good, with little points of contact on a regular basis, this is something for you to think about in regards to your own business and why you are developing the relationship.

But, I would say, in this busy social world online, when you are looking for customers or team members it’s better to take the bull by the horns and Work with a Purpose in a structured manner, to cultivate the Know Like and Trust factor within a Community.

At the end of my last post #1 How To Cultivate The Know Like And Trust Factor I talked about your Purpose, and you should have this at the forefront of your mind at you follow the strategy I will outline below.

The 6 Step Sequence

6 Steps Complete

I will show you how you can position yourself, in 6 Steps… to attract people to you! And you can do this Online, which is a wonder for all Work from Home Fans.

  Believe it or not, there IS A WAY  😊

Most businesses, start promoting to their warm market… family, friends, old colleagues etc but of course run out… and it can be uncomfortable approaching people you don’t know, and time consuming positioning yourself at events to warm up customers.

YOU are in the middle – and the World is all around you… but how do you move those people towards you? … You EXPLODE Out and ATTRACT In …  Using the 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence!

This Complete Training The 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence Pro Coaching Program is a 7 week Training product, but I would like to give you the bare bones of this process to show you how it works. It is focused at Network Marketers, but the exact same course is being used by people to build Affiliate and Product and Service Businesses.

Contact me at The Social Superstars Tribe
for details of the Full Training Program

This sequence starts with attraction, and then you move your new ‘friend’ through a series of steps, which are created to keep the process continuous, and inside of those there are those psychological triggers which help you to make a difference in their mind so they are more drawn to you throughout the steps.

As I talk through the steps… you will see how it could work for your business.

So here is the summary, before I break down each step for you.

  • Step 1 – CREATE Compelling Content
  • Step 2 – CAPTURE Your Leads
  • Step 3 – CONNECT
  • Step 4 – COMMENT & Engage
  • Step 5 – COMMUNICATE with Purpose
  • Step 6 – CONSULT & Close

Before you begin this process, you need to have a Group to gather your new found friends, customers and prospects. Facebook works well for this, since setting up a group is easy, and it’s also easy to share content from your blog there. In fact, if you are a blogger, using a blog post, broken down into smaller chunks across several posts with an image makes a great series of Value for a few days!!!

Step 1 ~ Create Compelling Content

This is the Explode Out part!!

6 Steps 1 Create

The Simple fact is, that people will not join you in business unless they Know, Like and Trust you.

So, there is the thing… what can you do to spread your message/product/service/business out to the world that will make you different to everybody else in the same niche, or selling the same products?

You must offer something useful, something that helps /teaches / inspires action that brings Value to a person’s business strategy.

And you do that with what we will call Content. This can be shared with your audience by many social media methods, but this is the first step for people to get to know you.

People use different mediums to ATTRACT prospects to them, and the prospect learns about them and gets to KNOW them…

So Step 1 is about creating some useful Content which offers some Value (that means it’s useful!)

These are many different ways for you to offer VALUE to your prospects and get your MESSAGE out to them…

  • when a prospect watches a video, they get to KNOW the person who recorded the video…
  •  when a prospect reads a Facebook Status update, they get to KNOW the person who created the update…
  • when a prospect reads a Blog Post they get to KNOW the person who created the post…
  • when a prospect views an image on Instagram, they get to KNOW the person who posted the image…

Maybe not immediately… but gradually over time, they get to know YOU from the CONTENT you share with your audience… and that’s it, really

It’s ALL about the CONTENT you create on a daily basis…

Allowing people to get to Know you, engage with you, and learn More from you… speeding up the Know, Like and Trust factor.

There are many ways to do this even if right now you are NOT an EXPERT at anything… and you are just getting started in a business.

You can Learn, Create and Attract by teaching what you know, and what you can learn quite easily in this information age. 


You are prepared to Learn and do what others sit around waiting for others to tell them!

 So Create your music = Step 1 🎶

Step 2 ~ Capture Your Leads

Now we begin the ATTRACT IN Stages

6 Steps 2 Capture

Capture your leads as they join your Facebook Community (a nicer word than group!)

We call them leads, because, even though they are not yet on your email list, they have in fact entered a much more friendly and ‘closer to you‘ environment than being on an email list.

If someone is attracted to you and joins your group, then that is a big step and it is up to you what you ‘nurture’ them with. [You can of course, still offer them something in there to join your list, then they are a lead in 2 places]

Using the Content Creation model in Step 1 you are now attracting people to you, so you need to Capture them in a place where you can get to know them.

The funny thing is that many Marketers MISS this step out!

Traditionally, you would keep a list of customers and prospects… but, time to move on and use Online methods which make it so easy to interact.

Starting an email list is also cool for newsletters, and even better, an auto responder for automation… but these require some technical knowledge, and this 6 Step Sequence does not require any of that. [More on the tech side in a month or so!]

If you have one, which most bloggers do, then that is a bonus!

You don’t need a list to build a Huge Network Marketing Business, that might sound crazy, but collecting your followers in a place where they learn and benefit, get inspired and enjoy the group spirit is all you need.

I can show you how… this is EXACTLY what I am doing right now, and when you’re ready to join me… you can learn the nitty gritty.

Until then, keep reading and just let this 6 step sponsoring process filter through you…

Step 3 ~ Connect

6 Steps 3 Connect

A SERIOUSLY powerful thing to do!

Imagine … You are surfing around Facebook and you see a post from me or my group in your Newsfeed…

You CLICK the link, come to my Group and request to join, you may even take up the offer of a free report.

I know how Valuable YOU are so I will message and CONNECT with you


…and while ‘Connect’ sounds very simple… you just NEVER know when you’re going to ‘Connect’ with someone who eventually joins your Team & builds a very large downline…

And the great thing… you really get to know your members, and help them build their businesses and the MAGIC begins…

Once your group is in action… You can link back to it from ALL Your Other Social Networks when sharing that content you Created

Essentially your Group is THE HUB where you gather people who enjoy your content, and a place for learning and socialising…

Hence My Community Name … The Social Superstars Tribe

…are you beginning to see the BIG PICTURE now?

This is SIMPLE, EASY and FUN… and it works like A DREAM…


1. Have you set up Your Group yet?

2. Do you actually personally reach out and CONNECT with your COMMUNITY MEMBERS or Prospects?

…or do you usually not bother?

If you would like to discuss The 6 Steps Sponsoring Series with me, regarding your Business, visit The Social Superstars Tribe or drop me a line TODAY!!

S0, what have we covered so far…

As you see from the illustrations, some of those people in the world have been attracted towards you by your content offering them something valuable, joined your community and you have had the chance to Connect with them.

They are now at Stage 3 of The 6 Step Sequence, and moving closer to You as they get to Know You.

Getting a little excited? Can you see how this model could be a template for your business? I do hope so!

Part #3 will be out soon, and there I will cover the final stages of the 6 Step Sequence for Cultivating The Know Like and Trust Factor.

😀  Do please leave your comments below

Jacs Henderson
The Social Network Marketer

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