2015 Ends and PAC Moves Into 2016

2015 Ends and PAC Moves Into 2016

I wasn’t sure what I wanted my post to be about for my last one of the year 2015. Lesly gave me the inspiration of what I wanted to say. I’ll try not to get too mushy but I make no absolute promises. 

I want to thank each and every member of the Power Affiliate Club (PAC) who participates daily and abide by the rules and truly work as a “team” to help one another and keep PAC growing as it has already in the last, almost two years.

A huge and wonderful “Thank You” to Lesly Federici (lovingly referred to as “My Partner in Crime) who has such a creative mind that it amazes me. I can do technical work, postings and a lot of things that PAC needs to have done, but Lesly is the real genius of the newly created activities, contests and the constant that holds PAC together.

I’ve read many comments from different members with so many kind words and praise for what PAC started as and continues to grow for the benefit of everyone involved.

I would like to share some of the comments we have received about PAC over time:

  • There is nothing better than a membership site! PAC is the only one I’m in because I’ve seen the rest and now am in the BEST! Donna Merrill
  • Thank you for sharing the breakdown of a successful membership site I especially can not wait for PAC’s to be in FULL SWING! Joan Harrington
  • Today I found PAC and it’s looks like a awesome community…started my blogging path around 20 days back and am happy that I found PAC lot of info is available here to read. Ashok Singh
  • It is great to see PAC membership growing so well. The quality of the articles is superb. Sonia Freer
  • There is indeed a need to conduct ourselves professionally online…often it is through communities like PAC where newer marketers learn these skills. Thanks to your guidance, patience and continued regulation of the community, some core respectful values are in place for all to follow. Such a wonderful warm community. Jacs Henderson
  • And I am happy to introduce some of my wonderful friends to this community and they all achieved the highest levels offered by the community. Philip Verghese Ariel
  • How I wish PAC had existed when I started online marketing. Thankfully I connected with someone in the PAC blogging group who invited me to join. It opened up a whole new world of marketing, which suited me ethically. Sue Bride
  • I do agree that the PAC way teaches the community a way to behave on the Internet that is respectful, engaging and friendly. Thanks for the article. PAC is the place to be! Great people! Kathryn Maclean
  • I also thank PAC because this is the community where I got my first bunch of readers. PAC is the best community program I have ever participated in. Thanks for creating such a great community. Naman Kumar
  • Well ladies you have really over-delivered this time! Wahoo!!! I was just sharing with another group of wonderful ladies about what a great community this is and how blessed I am to be a part of it so I think you’ll see some more joiners. Mary Sloane
  • Wooo Hooo Lesly and Monna, YOU two never cease to amaze me. I love this idea. Thanks for all you do. Chery Schmidt

Thank You

I share these because I would like for everyone to understand that without each and every one of these people above and many other members, PAC would not be what it is today and described as “One of the best communities online.”

As for me personally, I thank every one of you for the privilege of knowing you and working with you and I am looking forward to a great 2016 for each and every member of PAC.


To Your success in 2016!

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