3 Quick Facebook Marketing Tips To Apply To Your Business

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Let’s be honest.

Some good ole Facebook marketing tips are a necessity right now seeing as it is the most successful social network that we have seen thus far – especially for advertising.

Just about everyone, and their mother, has an account and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon!

But as an online marketing entrepreneur there are pitfalls you may run into on Facebook in trying to get your product or opportunity visible to a widespread audience of buyers.

This is true particularly when you are not only competing for attention with other businesses in your niche, but also the other features that are included in Facebook like games, applications, and constant notifications of events going on in Facebook.

Here you will find 3 quick Facebook marketing tips to apply to your business today in order for you

  1. to remain relevant to your target market,
  2. become visible to your target market when you have their attention,
  3. and remain compliant with Facebook so you don’t get banned from Facebook.

3 Quick Facebook Marketing Tips To Implement Today

Facebook Marketing Tip #1: Post Daily

You want to post to something visual to your Facebook business page or profile daily in order to stay relevant and keep your target audience engaged.

I know…

A daily post might be a stretch, and to be honest, may not be necessary. But you should be posting regularly.

Many people make the mistake of posting content to their pages once or twice a week. You have to remember that their is stiff competition out there and many of your competitors are out their marketing daily.

When you do post be sure to post things that are visually appealing such as an image that will grab attention.


Even more effective than an image would be a video which has been proven to engage people a lot longer.

If for some odd reason besides laziness you can’t post one of these two to your timeline daily, then post an engaging status that calls for people to like and comment.

Also, don’t underestimate the power of engaging in relevant groups. This is probably the easiest, and one of the more effective strategies for bringing awareness to you and your business.

In these groups you should ask questions, and more importantly, answer questions that people are posting.

By providing answers you position yourself as a knowledgeable resource. If you do this regularly then you will certainly get some interested prospects.

Facebook Marketing Tip #2: Upload Your Videos To Facebook

Whether you’re scared of it or not, video is in!

So once you create your videos, the next tip would be to upload the video content to Facebook.

By this I don’t mean share your YouTube link to Facebook but to actually upload the raw video file to Facebook so that it produces a Facebook video link for you to share.

There are a handful of reasons why you should do this. For starters you want to keep people on Facebook where you already have their attention.

Secondly, having a video native to Facebook gives you an advantage because the Facebook platform itself will favor a native video over a video that brings people off their site.

Many people simply just share a YouTube link to their profile or fan page but what that does is open an opportunity for them to end up in YouTube where a whirlwind of distraction will occur on the sidebars with other videos.

The last point with uploading videos to Facebook is that Facebook videos take up more space on the Facebook pages which help draw attention when people come by them.

Facebook Marketing Tip #3: Ask People To Send Friend Requests

This last tip is critical not only for the growth of your audience but also to remain compliant with Facebook.

When using Facebook as a place of business you want to increase your target audience by getting more friends and followers in your niche.

In order to balance out the friend requests you may be sending you want to also reach out to individuals as well.

Here you would ask for them to send you a friend request and back it up with some reasoning as to why you would like a friend request from them.

Some suggestions could be because you have similar friends or you simply want to expand your network of online entrepreneurs.

The idea is to have a balance in the way you are adding friends and building your audience so that you do not get blocked from Facebook!

To your success,



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