3 Ways To Kick Your Writer’s Block

Kicking writer’s block butt for good!

Since we’re all friends here we can be honest right? It’s no surprise that blogging isn’t always the most fun activity on your list particularly when you are “business blogging” in order to achieve a key metric for your business to run. The end result…writer’s block.

The fact that blogging is one of the best ways to drive target traffic and convert that traffic to leads should be motivation enough to continue doing it frequently. The bigger issue for most is getting the creative juices flowing.

Even if you know what you want to write about it can be tough setting the right tone with the first sentenced and maintaining a flow throughout your written work. However if you do nail the tone an flow that is when blogging becomes fun.

So how can you avoid the dread case of writer’s block when you only have 45 minutes to crank out a useful piece of content?

3 Ways To Avoid Writer’s Block

  1. Read an older post you created – One of the tendencies you’ll have with writier’s block is that you’ll start to write something and you just don’t “feel it”. If this is case then stop writing. If you don’t feel the passion then other’s won’t either. You may want just stop and read an old post of yours for a reality check on how far you’ve come. You’d be surprised how quickly you “feel” the need to redeem or convince yourself that you are a great writer when you see how bad your writing used to be and how limited your knowledge base was on a particular subject compared to now.
  2. Watch a few funny a videos (preferably of animals) – Yea, this is a great one and has literally never failed to work. First of all how can you say no to watching a funny video regardless of if you are blogging or not. They are awesome, viral and are just a treat to you for being great. How this helps with your blogging is your brain is re-energized from the video so it’s important to start putting words down as soon as you are done watching a few.  You’re enthusiasm will shine through your work
  3. Look at a photo of your dream destination and just dream – There’s something about losing yourself for a few minutes and just dreaming of somewhere you want to live or a place you’ve always wanted to travel. Although it’s bitter-sweet because you’re not actually there yet you can still feel and sometimes taste the experience. Now blog as if you were living full time at that destination. How difficult is it to have writer’s block when you have so much to be write and be excited about?

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