Insights For Group Leaders

Probably the best way to explore your talents and ability to inspire a group of people is to create a group and manage it.

Over a year ago I created a group on Facebook. I had a mission at that time which was to guide a small group of people in doing weekly tasks that would help to build their businesses. It was affiliated with the “Game of Tribes” which is no longer operating.

But, I kept the group going and it slowly morphed into a blogging community. Today, it’s not only a blogging community, but one that nurtures personal growth, connecting with others, supporting member affiliate programs, and opportunities to be Expert Authors in the community.

So I want to share some of the elements I’ve put in to place to make this community successful (so far).

A Manager’s Perspective

Here are some guidelines I follow. They are based on my perspectives of life, of human behavior, and how I would like to be treated.

  1. Have NO expectations of others. You can’t control what others do, especially on the internet. The internet is like the “Wild, Wild, West” and thousands are seeking information and answers, this means they come and go, looking for things that fit their needs at any moment
  2. Never create a group to promote yourself. This is the reason for the quickest member “drop-out” rate. Need I say more about this?
  3. Think of your group as “WE”. You’re creating a community of members that interact together. So be inclusive of all members.
  4. Be clear on how you want to help others. I help others by creating a small, supportive, and safe environment for members to share, learn, promote, and inspire personal growth and insights.
  5. Cultivate respect and trust.  I take responsibility for my group. I show up. I do and present what I say I’m going to do. I commit to my membership and I’m there for them on a daily basis. People like to see consistency. A person may not be consistent in their own lives, but they like to see it in others and this builds trust.
  6. Be authentic. No one likes a pretentious person. Humans are smart. They can smell alternative motives in nano-second.
  7. Provide QualityDonna Merril asked me to be a guest writer on her blog and this is the topic I wrote about.

Creating Member Engagement

One challenge in leading a group is member engagement. Just having a group with a bunch of members isn’t enough. This is what I call an “empty” group – one that offers nothing. So it depends on the purpose of the group. If it’s one to promote your business, then that’s what you’ll attract.

Once you’ve established your group purpose, the question now is – how to keep them engaged, creating “Sticking” power, right?

Here are some suggestions …

  • Offer weekly G+ Hangouts. This is a great way to meet other members. It is the BEST way to feel connected, and build a sense of knowing someone through “real-time” communication.
  • Offer contests. Traffic to websites is a never ending challenge. Create a “Tribe” system where members visit each others sites and the Top Commentator wins a prize that’s appropriate for group and perceived as valuable to members. For example, the top commentator will receive visits and comments on their blog from ALL the members in the tribe. This increases search engine rank and engagement.
  • Provide useful resources. Post articles of interest to the membership
  • Promote your members blog posts. By sharing their content. People like to feel like they belong.
  • Celebrate members. If someone has achieved something, overcome a challenge, celebrate them. People like appreciation and recognition.
  • Offer opportunities. This could be guest posts on your blogs for example.

Parting Thoughts

There is someone for everyone. Meaning, there’s no need to worry about getting members to join you. What you offer, your intentions and purpose for the group will attract members.

Creating a group will create a “Fan” base of members who want to be associated with you.


And here’s a golden nugget, I think, as a group facilitator (or Leader) it will develop skills in consistency, being innovative, planning, and genuinely finding ways to inspire your members, and perhaps influence them in positive ways in their own lives and interests.

Lesly Federici

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