4 Crazy Reasons Why You should be Your Authentic Self

4 Crazy Reasons

Try to spot the Difference. They look the same except one seems to be a little different.

If you have played this game, you know for sure that the Spot The Difference game is so much fun.

Although, It might be easy for you to spot the difference of the pic above, it can also be frustrating if you don’t even have a clue as to where to begin.

Isn’t it strange that while this game is so much entertaining, it has a connection with reality.

Have you ever asked one what you needed to do to get them to like you?

Have you asked your friends how you needed to look to make them to accept you or is there someone whom you adore so much that you try so hard to be like them?

Ridiculous right! yet sadly without realising it, this is one of many ways in which you have tried to get people to validate the Authentic You ( market research , focus groups, social media etc)

So in this post, here are 4 Crazy Reasons Why you just need to be your Authentic Self:

1. Make The Life of Your Audience so Easy

Do you know how you can make your audience totally confused about your work?

Do you know how you can frustrate your audience and make them question who you are?

Well it is so easy; all you need to do is make it difficult for your audience to differentiate you from others.

You have got skills that can turn every challenge of your audience into a solution.  Your essence is meant to bless your generation with your experience.

But when your audience don’t have a clue about who you are, it can become so much stress for them to connect with you.

Don’t frustrate your audience by trying to be an impostor. be yourself and make the life of your audience so much better.

2. Make Your Life Blissful

No matter how much you try to be like others, your unique character will always burn out your energy.

The reason is due to the fact that your thoughts and heart don’t always agree all the time.

While your heart knows who you are and what you can achieve , your thoughts can deceive you into believing that you are not good enough unless you become an impostor.

Despite what the world thinks about what you can achieve, your heart knows that with your unique personality, you can make the difference and go to the moon.

It is easier to be yourself than to try to be someone else. if you still doubt this, then check this out and have a rethink


3. You Become the Bridge that take others to Uncertain Paths

Now what if you could be the guide that lead others to that uncertain path.

What if your legacy could be the door to a world where only the sky becomes the limit. Think this is impossible, then guess again.

Remember that there was a time when working from home was a dream; when people could not fly; when it seemed impossible to make the world flat and freedom was just a quote.

But today everything is different and the world is faced with constant disruption.

There is a dream in you waiting for expression. There is a world out there just waiting for you to make it a reality.

If you don’t become your authentic self, then you are not just cheating on your dreams but you are making others cheat on theirs too.

So get your hands dirty and work towards your dream because your journey empowers others to make a difference.

4. Let Your Story be Filled with a Happy Ending

Why create a sad ending by filling your heart with so much regret?

Why cause your soul to be wounded and wish for time to go backwards?

Wouldn’t it be great to let  your older self know how much courage you had to face the world and achieve your dreams?

Wouldn’t it be great to know that you refused to limit yourself and forged ahead overcoming all obstacles?

Don’t get to the point where you break down with tears because you made a joke out of your dream and abandoned your authentic self.

You have got a chance to write your own story so what are you waiting for; take the courage and start your journey.

Remember that you have got a legacy to live behind. What would it be?

Now it is your turn, why do you think you should be your authentic self?  Please share this post with others and  share your thoughts in the comment section below

Have an Awesome week

Take Care



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