4 Powerful Platforms to Engage Your Audience Live

Looking for 4 powerful platforms to engage your audience live? Well you’re in the right place becuase what you are about to learn can be the major driver for building a successful business.

These strategies aren’t anything brand new. In fact, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen someone use them as recently as today. Heck, you may already be using them, and if you are then great!

As internet marketers, or even non-marketers for that matter, we are equipped with internet tools that can bring us together and literally force us to make REAL connections.

At the end of the day we are humans that are driven by emotions and real connections with each other. This is why blogging isn’t enough in this digital age.

Below you will learn 4 powerful strategies that will help build stronger connections with your target audience.

This will help shorten the process of building enough trust with you for them to spend their hard earned money on what you have to offer.

Powerful Platforms to Engage Your Audience: The Live Experience

The strategies below are all about the live experience.

We live in such a face paced, real-time, insta-everything world…and some of the highest paid individuals in multiple industries are leveraging technologies that allow them to engage their audience live because that’s what their audience wants.

There’s a good chance that your audience may want the same. So how will you give them that live experience?

Better yet…where will you give them that experience? Below are a few great alternatives.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts are super cool and super easy to host simple, live webinars.


Along with the the anxiety that many people have of doing a webinars, there’s also the anxiety of the technical set up for a webinar.

Google Hangouts has a short learning curve and can literally be set up in minutes.

So if you’re over the anxiety of actually doing webinars then plan one that delivers great content and look to use Google Hangouts.

Make sure to lead with value and make it a 2-way conversation if it’s your first time. Ask questions, make it interactive, and remember to have fun with it!

Facebook Live

Facebook Live, short for livestream, is another powerful tool to engage with your audience.

The cool thing is that you can stream live from your personal page or your fan page, and I see a lot of top earners doing everything from quick hello’s, to Q&A’s, all the way to full blown trainings using it.

The major advantage here is the majority of people, particularly in the US, and many parts of the world have Facebook accounts, so you are almost sure to reach your audience there.

If you’ve never done a Facebook Live and wondering how to break the ice, just let the viewers know that it’s your first time going live, and in the future you will use it to provide major value


Periscope is very similar to Facebook live and you can approach using it the same way. The big difference is that Periscope is Twitter’s Live streaming platform.

It’s a great way to get followers on Twitter because in order to view a Periscope live stream you must have a Periscope account, and in order to get a Periscope account you must have a Twitter account.

Again, it’s just another way to engage your audience live and really build familiarity with them.


Blab is sort of the new kid on the block and is very unique. I can’t say that I’ve used it to livestream myself, but I have watched Blabs before.

The cool thing with blab is it is an active community and people host blobs that are topic based.

So if you are dilligent in livestreaming and recording them then you can expose your brand and reach new audiences everyday.

Blab is also great for having others on to partake in your conversation. They can join on the panel, or you can chat with them directly and have a 2-way conversation there.

Take your pick and livestream…

Besides sales funnels, offers, and your actual products, engagement and building real community online is the most important factor to a lasting presence online.

There are plenty of platforms to use to build that community, including your blog. However these platforms for live interaction are the x-factor to fast growth.

Not to mention they are just plain fun! So get in the mode of livestreaming because it may be the missing piece to your business.

As always, feel free to engage in the comments section, ask questions, and even give your personal take on what others are saying!

To your success,


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