4 Reasons Why Evergreen Content Needs To Be Part of Your Blog

evergreen content

There are two main types of content you can find on just about any successful blog – trending topics and evergreen content.

In my last post we talked about trending topics and how to use them to grow your audience. Today, let’s talk about the other end of the spectrum – evergreen content, what it is, and why it needs to be a part of your blogging strategy.

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is defined as content that you publish once and that can live unchanged on your blog for as long as you want to keep it there. Unlike trending topics, which can change almost overnight and the traffic fluctuations that come with them, evergreen content provides a strong foundation on which to build your audience by giving them timeless, relevant and interesting information they can use regardless of when they first read it.

Good examples of evergreen content include glossaries, frequently asked questions, explanations, and resource lists.

So, now that you know what evergreen content is, let’s talk about why it’s important.

4 Reasons Why Evergreen Content Needs to Be Part of Your Blog

Reason #1 – Evergreen Content Gives Your Audience the Information They Need

Evergreen content provides a source of information for your audience that they need. When you consider the types of information that should be included on your blog, the more comprehensive and detailed you can make things like your glossaries, explanations, and basic content, the more your audience will look to you as a source of expert information.

A great side benefit to having this extensive foundational content on your site is that it will help you with your search engine rankings. Well written, relevant content will show up in the search engines. This opens a door for new readers to find you without you having to do anything other provide the quality content in the first place.

Reason #2 – Evergreen Content is Shareable Content

Your well-written and relevant evergreen content has the potential to be extremely shareable. Because it’s timeless in nature, you can set up a schedule to promote it over and over again. Tools such as MissingLettr, Buffer and Hootsuite can help you to create a promotion schedule that continuously puts your older content in front of new audiences.

The great thing about this is that as your content is seen more and more on social platforms your readers and other people will be more inclined to share it with their audiences too.

Reason #3 – Evergreen Content is a Good Source of Traffic

Evergreen content is a good source of quality traffic over time. Because it stays online longer than trendy content, you have more chances to build backlinks which in turn help with your search engine results.

Driving traffic with your content works especially well when you share it continuously using the tools and schedule we talked about in Reason #2.

Reason #4 – Evergreen Content Makes a Good Lead Generator

The very nature of evergreen content is what makes it a good lead generator. That doesn’t mean that other lead generators aren’t important to have, but that the timeless nature of evergreen content can generate leads long after you first publish it.

Here’s an example of what I mean…

If we use the marketing niche as an example, we know that the basics of marketing have not changed over time. The basic process of identifying your niche, building an audience, and offering them solutions to their problems has been around for at least a hundred years. What has changed is the technology we use to complete the process.

The evergreen content you would have on your blog would focus on the process and the philosophy of marketing; the technology of marketing including the software, programs, and platforms that you use to deliver the message would be your trending topics.

Final Thoughts

Creating evergreen content should be an important part of your blogging strategy. Having a library of content that educates and informs your readers, helps to drive traffic, generate leads, and build your audience makes your job as a blogger a little easier. You can focus on creating great content because you know the evergreen content you have created will stand the test of time.

What do you think? Do you use evergreen content on your blog?


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