4 rock-solid ways to monetize your blog in 2016

Once you have a blog, you can make money. Note that I didn’t say you will make money.

The reason is that many bloggers have quite active blogs but they are still not able to properly monetize their properties. Others have deliberately decided not to monetize. That’s ok!

But if you want to make some amount of money from your blog, I have some tips to help you. These are things that I do with results and I can almost guarantee these will work for you.

There is just no magic in making money with your blog. You simply have to do the things that work the right way. Here are four of the ways I make money with my blog. You are not obliged to implement all of these methods. Pick out one or two and focus to perfect them:

1 – Affiliate Marketing!

This is one of the most confident ways bloggers can monetize their blogs. While it sounds easy, you do have to learn a few tricks.

I know of many bloggers who try everything to generate income through this means but have constantly failed. The reason is that affiliate marketing is not as simple as it sounds. Posting banners and links on your blog may not generate enough earnings to keep you going.

Affiliate Marketing is the monetizing model that generates the biggest share of my earnings from my blog. I do sell my products too and make money but when it comes to what my blog alone brings in, Affiliate Marketing tops the list.

The reason is that I probably have figured out how it’s done. I studied the income reports of some top bloggers  including MatthewWoodward, Patt Flynn, Pinchofyums and found out that Affiliate Marketing makes up a huge portion of their earnings.

Don’t waste your time!

If you are not seeing the right results with this money making method, you need help. I wrote a book titled Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers (AMB), purposely for bloggers who want to kill it with Affiliate Marketing on their blogs.


I explained in details and with some practical examples how to do affiliate marketing and generate real income with your blog. Throughout the book, I touched on some blogs that make money and brought out some blog posts they did, why and how they are making money with those posts.

Special for PAC members: I’m giving a $17 discount only to PAC members. Use coupon code: pac17

2 – Create Premium Content!

This is something I tried out on my blog and generated over 30 sales in 72 hours. Check out my first premium post here. It’s good to give out a lot of free and wonderful content on your blog. But you can also make some of it premium.

That means your readers will have to pay a small fee to access such content. There are two ways I think you can do this:

First, you may want to create a membership section on your blog where you charge members a fee, something like $0.99 or even $1 per month. That may sound ridiculously low but the idea is to have as many paying readers as possible. It may not make you rich but can generate enough income to pay some of your bills.

If you do well, publishing at least one premium article per month, your members will not regret paying $1. What if you have 1000 members?

3 – Sell your own products/services

After Affiliate Marketing, my own products generate income for me on my blog. Adding to these products, I offer some technical services and get paid for them.

the beauty with selling your own products is that you keep 100% sales (After some basic charges of course). Secondly, you decide what to do with your product to boost sales. You have both the knife and the yam so you can cut in any direction any time. During holidays and special events, you bring down prices and shoot the sales through the roof.

So many bloggers have tried to defend the fact that they can’t have a product to sell. I think it’s just lack of the right information or some laziness.

You don’t have to be an expert in any field to be an author. All you need is an active brain which I think you’ve got one already.

Think and you’ll come up with a profitable idea. Once you have one, head over to Elance or any other freelancing platform where you can hire experts in writing, coding, designs, etc.

The guy from Nigeria who created JustRetweet.com knows nothing about coding but he created a wonderful platform which he later on sold out for $20,000.

I wrote an article on 2 Ways to Create a Money Making Product so I suggest you check that one out too.

4 – Other things that work

You have a big list of ways to make money with your blog. However, you should try things out and settle on that which generates the best results.

I don’t recommend doing everything. However, these are some other ways you can start marking money with your blog:

  1. Post Google Adsense ads.
  2. Sell Ad space for direct advertising.
  3. Get paid to review products/services.
  4. Sell links (but Google can strike here)

Something I must tell you!

I can’t end this post without mentioning that the backbone of income from your blog is traffic. No matter what you do to monetize, if you don’t get targeted readers, you will not make any money.

There are two main sources of traffic you should focus on:

  1. Search engines – This is by far the best source of traffic. Readers from search engine often click the affiliate links and the buy now buttons. That’s because they come to your blog through targeted keyword search and once they find what they want, they become your leads.
  2. Your community – Your community is made up of readers from your list, social media profiles and those who enter your url directly in the address bar. Once you work hard to create a large and active community, you will always get rewarded for your works.

Now, go ahead and put more on your blog to earn more money. If you make money or you just intend to monetize your blog, drop a comment below. Let me know how you are doing and what works for you.


Enstine Muki,  Blogger/Affuiliate Marketer/Author 






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