4 Tips To Help You Engage Using Better Vocabulary

4 Tips to Expand Your Vocabulary

Vocabulary, reading, learning new words, engaging in Conversations are some of the challenges bloggers face.

Some people find it hard to engage in conversation with other bloggers.   Often I have felt intimidated or uneasy trying to even communicate with more professional bloggers.  I needed to find a solution to feeling inadequate in speaking with other writers.  Learning to expand the knowledge base for vocabulary wasn’t too difficult to find.

I started researching on the internet about  how to expand one’s vocabulary.    The  website  Enhance Vocabulary has a great article written by Randall S. Hansen Ph.D  titled, “Easy Ways to Improve and Expand Your Vocabulary: Seven Tips For Learning New Words“.

Hansen shares easy tips to strengthen and enlighten your vocabulary.  [tweet_dis] Expanding one’s vocabulary increases their knowledge base and increases the perception in others that you are an intelligent person.[/tweet_dis]

4 Ways to Empower Your Vocabulary


Reading stimulates the parietal lobe part of the brain that turns letters into words and words into thoughts.  The parietal lobe is mainly recognized for its ability to increase writing skills and help with reading comprehension.


Find a list of words such as doing a search on the internet for power words.  For example I searched power words and found this great list of positive words to start incorporating into my writing.


Engage in an actual conversation with a real person instead of texting or emailing them.  Pick up the phone and call them.  The person on the other end may say a word that you are not familiar with so write it down, save it in your phone and look up the spelling and meaning later.  Start to incorporate it into everyday life.


Recently I have become addicted to the game ” Words With Friends”.  Have you played it?  It’s just like the old board game “Scrabble” but on your laptop, PC or phone.  Challenging to say the least!

So how do I incorporate new words into my articles?


Wordthink gives you a word for the day.


Wordhippo is an exciting site to find opposite words.

And of course there are always the trusty dictionary and thesaurus.


Did you find this helpful?  Please comment below.

Gain The Advantage,

Alicia Osmera



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