5 x Efficient Pinning & Scheduling Techniques for Pinterest

5 x Efficient Pinning & Scheduling Techniques for Pinterest

Consider these 5 x Efficient Pinning & Scheduling Techniques for Pinterest to showcase all your Brand products, services, tools, tutorials, testimonials and value on Pinterest…

everything that…

  • you create as content
  • you find value from
  • showcases your business
  • builds your brand
  • makes you laugh
  • gives you inspiration or motivation
  • you want to remember
  • you want to buy

has to be pinned to a board!

Top Tip ~ If you are targeting your niche, whatever resonates with you, will resonate with your audience … so use your Pinterest Boards to showcase your Brand.

In order to make the best use of your time, and use my ‘double-time technique’ it’s handy to have a system set up for sharing information to Pinterest, as you go about your daily business.

Some methods involve automation, others scheduling, some direct pinning and some a mixture of both.

My mission today is to outline the 5 x most efficient ways, and you can choose which one(s) work for you. Sometimes this depends on the other social platforms you share content to as well, and which schedular you use already.

Often, this is a good time to review your social sharing schedule, and if you would like to book a 30 minute session with me to look at your current practices, and incorporate Pinterest into your strategy, contact me through my Social Network Marketing Community.

If you need to set up, or review your Social Sharing options for Pinterest on your blog, then I have a post to show you:  9 Steps To Optimise And Share Your Blog On Pinterest

My ideal scenario for you, is to use the Pinterest Browser button, combined with Tailwind. This gives you complete freedom for scheduling and also easy instant Pins. Also, a mix of manual and scheduled Pins to keep your account active.


So, let’s dive into those 5 x Efficient Pinning & Scheduling Techniques for Pinterest!

#1  Use the Pinterest Browser Button

The Pinterest Browser Button or Share (on iphone & Android) puts you in control of what you want to share. Because, believe it or not, some websites do not have Pinterest share buttons on their images or social sharing buttons!

With this facility, you can share images from anywhere on the web EXCEPT Facebook. There is a manual way to do this, which I detail in my blog: How To Share Your Facebook Brand On Pinterest

Just Grab the Browser ‘P‘ or the App from the links below… and off you go!!

For your PC

For iphone & ipad

If you’re using an iPhone on iOS 8 or above, you can save from around the web with just a few taps. If you’re on iOS 7 or below, you’ll need to save our bookmark.
To save from the web on iOS 8 or above: 
  1. Download the Pinterest app from the Apple App Store
  2. From Safari or Chrome, tap the Share button
  3. Swipe to the left and tap More
  4. Tap to turn on Pinterest
  5. Hold and drag Pinterest up the list if you want to reorder your menu

For Android

If you’re using an Android device, you don’t even need to install the browser button! You can save from around the web with just a few taps.
To Pin from the web on Android:
  1. Download the Pinterest App from the Google Play Store
  2. In your browser, tap the three-dot icon next to the address bar
  3. Tap Share
  4. Tap Add a Pin

What are the Pro’s

  • can share from anywhere except Facebook
  • when you click the ‘P’ it shows all the images on the web-page for you to choose which one to Pin
  • You can edit the Pin text
  • You can choose to share to Facebook + Twitter
  • You can choose 1 x board to Pin to ( just repeat to Pin to more boards)

And Cons …

  • Pinning is instant, no scheduling available

# 2  Tailwind

If Pinterest was my right hand, then Tailwind would be my left. To me, Pinterest and Tailwind are so interconnected that they become an instinctive and integral part of your social experience. It becomes so easy to share anything, from anywhere, with anyone that ‘sharing’ becomes your middle name.

How To Schedule a Pin using Tailwind

So, you can see how the ‘double-time’ technique works … you schedule 1 Pin, but it works for you over and over as it schedules to different boards.

It is possible to save to drafts anything you see of interest, then have a ‘Scheduling Hour’ and schedule them all in one go, or keep them there until inspiration strikes!

How to access Tailwind

Get all 3 options!!

  1. for PC … Get started for Free
  2. get the chrome ‘Tailwind Publisher’ extension … from the inside of your Tailwind account, or from the Chrome extension store
  3. for iphone … Search in the App store, or receive a text with the direct link when you open your free account.

What are the Pros …

  • You get 100 Free scheduled Pins
  • Tailwind sets up an optimised Pinning schedule for you
  • When you schedule Pins, it slots them in for you according to your time intervals within your account
  • You can schedule from anywhere (includingFacebook)
  • You can schedule 1 Pin to many different boards
  • You can edit and change the description
  • You can choose to share your post to Facebook + Twitter
  • You can change or adapt the Pin link
  • You can set delivery intervals for your Pin (if it’s on several boards, you set the time interval between pins)
  • You can specify an exact date and time if required
  • You can save Pins (images you find on the web) to Draft to come back and schedule later
  • Options to re-order Pins you have scheduled
  • Options to move pins ‘Back to Draft’ ‘Pin Now’ or ‘Edit’ from your scheduled Pin dashboard
  • Add extra scheduled slots to your Pin Posting Schedule, at a time you choose, or an optimum time chosen for you
  • You can schedule your Instagram posts to Pinterest from here
  • Instagram scheduling also available on Tailwind

And Cons

… if you could call it a con, when you get all of the above, except you have to click ‘Pin Now’ when you want to Pin

  • After 100 scheduled Pins, you need to post manually from your scheduled list or purchase the PLUS plan

How To Schedule on Tailwind on your iphone

How to schedule on Tailwind

#3  Buffer

Buffer is a fantastic scheduling tool for a variety of social platforms, and I use this for my social media content creation and scheduling. On the free plan, you can have 3 social accounts, but Pinterest is one of the paid options


  • You can choose 1 x board to post to per Pin (just repeat to Pin to another board)
  • You can write a description
  • You can choose a link which your audience will see when they click on your Pin.


  • You have no option to share to Facebook or Twitter
  • You have to Pin to each board individually

Of course the Cons are only Cons if you want to do these things, and if you do, then try Tailwind!

You can share Pins using Buffer with the Browser Button or with the Buffer App for your phone, so you are Pinterest ready at any time.

#4  Hootsuite

Hootsuite does not directly share to Pinterest… but it does incorporate the Tailwind app, which you will find in the App Directory situated in the menu on the left hand side of your dashboard (Click on the Jigsaw piece!)

This allows you to create new Pins, schedule drafts for later, or Pin to multiple boards at once, from within your Hootsuite dashboard. … See below

Hootsuite App Directory for Tailwind

If you install the Hootlet Browser Button or phone App … then you can share from around the web to Pinterest using this.

#5  IFTTT (If This Then That)

IFTTT is fantastic for automated sharing of Social Media Posts.

Once you have set up your IFTTT account… you choose ‘Applets’ to set up sharing between social platforms so then,

for example … If You Post To Instagram … Then That post will re-post to Pinterest

There is no cost to IFTTT, and it can become a valuable part of your social media strategy, if used with care and you share appropriate content in the right places.

What is great about sharing TO Pinterest is that you can create separate boards, for example

  • my Facebook Page Posts
  • my Instagram Posts
  • my YouTube Videos

which clearly state what your audience will find on those boards … exactly the right thing to do, be specific with your boards.

AND Of course these Pins link back to the post on the place they came from… so you are spreading your current audience around your other social platforms.

Top Tip ~ Social sharing is about bringing value, in the right places,
at the right time, to the right audience!

As a Leader in your business, it is your duty to bring value, education, inspiration and training to your team and audience.

Sharing this information to them, in the right place, at the right time is hugely time saving using smart scheduling tools, and I have achieved today’s mission if this information has helped you.

Please get in touch if I can assist you with your social strategy, or add your questions to the comments below!


Jacs Henderson

PS – if you enjoyed this post, please comment, like and share below, Thanks!


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