52 Free Stock Photos Sites To Help Your Blog Look Good! (And WHY You Should Use Them)

52 Free Stock Photos Sites To Help Your Blog Look Good! (And WHY You Should Use Them)

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Such a profound statement, don’t you think?

People love looking at beautiful images.

Using images in your blog posts can increase engagement and grab your reader’s attention right away.

It has been proven that when you use the right images along with relevant content, you can increase engagement and have a more memorable impact on your reader.

People love visuals.

52 Free Stock Photos Sites To Help Your Blog Look Good! (And WHY You Should Use Them)

We love looking at images because that is in our human nature.

We tend to pay more attention to images than words.

For instance, I use Instagram a lot more than Facebook now because of this simple fact.

I love looking at images and I engage more because images tap into my emotions a lot better than plain text.

And I’d like to think the same is for you.


Here is some interesting data about Instagram just to give you an idea of the power of images; as of December 24th, 2017 statistics showed there are a total of 800 million monthly active Instagram users – a total of 500 million daily active users – about 40 billion photos shared to date – and on average 4.2 billion likes per day. (source)

These are crazy numbers if you asked me.

People love this social network a lot!

People just love to engage with images. That’s the truth.

Now, if you are a new blogger and you are currently learning the ropes of successful blogging, you should know that keeping a reader engaged and on your page for as long as possible is critical for your blog’s success.

This correlates with SEO (search engine optimization).

I’ve recently published a detailed guest post about Google RankBrain – which Google announced in October 2015 to be their third most important ranking factor.

If you don’t know what Google RankBrain is, I highly recommend you to read my guest post here.

All you need to know for now is that if someone finds your blog post on Google, keeping them on your page for as long as possible and making them engage (leave a comment, go to another page on your blog, etc) is one of the most important things you can do to increase your Google rankings which in return will yield more organic traffic.

This is what we call Dwell Time and Bounce Rate.

I’m not going to go into details on what these are in this post (I’ve explained this in details in the recommended guest post above).

I just want to point this out so you are aware of how important it is to take great care of the content you publish on your blog and how it looks.

High-quality content includes everything – from text to images and videos.

You have to make sure your blog posts look good!

Let’s start by saying that including beautiful images throughout your blog post can help a lot.

Today, I’m going to share with you 52 free stock photos sites where you will be able to find such beautiful images that you can use on your blog posts and anywhere on your blog site without any problem.

I say “without any problem” because as you know we have something called ‘Copyrights’.

This is an important piece of advice; you do not want to use any type of image you find online on your blog. You want to make sure you have the proper rights to use the image, first.

I know a lot of new bloggers might just go to Google and do an image search, grab any image they like, and use it on their blog post.

That is not smart blogging if you want to build an income with your blog.

As your blogging business grows you might come across some copyright infringement issues.

You don’t want that, trust me.

Be a smart blogger.

What you want to do is find Royalty Free Images that you can use anywhere on your blog site.

These are the type of images you should be using when running your own blog.

Don’t really know what Royalty Free means?

Here is the Wikipedia definition;

“Royalty-free, or RF, refers to the right to use copyright material or intellectual property without the need to pay royalties or license fees for each use, per each copy or volume sold or some time period of use or sales.” (source)

Now that you are educated on this topic and understand why you should be using rich media in your blog posts let me reveal these 52 free stock photos sites.

52 Free Stock Photos Sites

  1. 1millionfreepictures.com
  2. Barnimages.com
  3. Burst.shopify.com
  4. Deathtothestockphoto.com
  5. Designerspics.com
  6. Dreamstime.com/free-photos
  7. Epicantus.tumblr.com
  8. Everystockphoto.com
  9. Fancycrave.com/category/collections/free/
  10. Flickr.com
  11. Foodiesfeed.com
  12. Freedigitalphotos.net
  13. Freeimages.com
  14. Freerangestock.com
  15. Freestockphotos.biz
  16. Freestocks.org
  17. Gratisography.com
  18. Isorepublic.com
  19. Jaymantri.com
  20. Jeshoots.com
  21. Kaboompics.com
  22. Libreshot.com
  23. Lifeofpix.com
  24. Littlevisuals.co
  25. Magdeleine.co/license/cc0/
  26. Makerbook.net/stock-photos/
  27. Mmtstock.com
  28. Morguefile.com
  29. Negativespace.co
  30. Nos.twnsnd.co
  31. Oldbookillustrations.com
  32. Pexels.com
  33. Photos.bucketlistly.com
  34. Picjumbo.com
  35. Picography.co
  36. Pikwizard.com
  37. Pixabay.com
  38. Publicdomainarchive.com
  39. Publicdomainpictures.net
  40. Publicdomainvectors.org
  41. Realisticshots.com
  42. Shotstash.com
  43. Skitterphoto.com
  44. Snapwiresnaps.tumblr.com
  45. Splitshire.com
  46. Startupstockphotos.com
  47. Stocksnap.io
  48. Stokpic.com
  49. Styledstock.co
  50. Thepicpac.com
  51. Uhdwallpapers.org
  52. Unsplash.com

You shouldn’t have any excuses now to why you can’t find royalty free images to use on your blog and in your content.

Also, it’s good to note that if you plan to use Pinterest for marketing using beautiful and professional high-definition images is important.

This should be enough information to get you blogging the right way.

Wrapping it up

This is an important part of successful blogging. You have to work a lot on how your entire blog site looks and how your content looks to your readers.

You want each one of your blog posts to be very attractive to the people in your niche audience.

If you don’t really care about this, you will decrease your bounce rate and dwell time.

Which will hurt your Google rankings and this is just not a smart way of thinking to make a great impact on the people who visit your blog site daily.

Think about this for a minute; if you are going to be working hard to drive traffic to your blog you don’t want all of that time and effort to get you the lowest results, right?

You want to maximize your blog conversions as much as possible.

Therefore, it only makes sense that you start by taking great care of how your content looks and how attractive it is to your niche audience.

Over to you

What are your thoughts on this? Which ones are your most favorite? Do you have any additional free stock photos sites that we can add to this list? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Also, if you know someone who can benefit from this information and resource please share it with them. Help us spread the right knowledge. Thank you so much!


To your blogging success,
Freddy G. Cabrera


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