6 Steps To Protect Your New Cell Phone

6 stepsprotectnewcellphone

Here are 6 steps to protect your new cell phone. This will extend the life-time you have, before it’s time to buy another one.

A cell phone goes with you everywhere!  Recently I traveled to Kansas City, Kansas to meet up with an old friend. It was exciting because although we stay in contact with each other via Facebook, texting and phone calls, we hadn’t seen each other face to face in almost 30 years!

He called me and asked if I could meet him half way. He was on his way home from attending the Kentucky Derby.

I used Google maps to track my best route. The problem was every time I would check it, my phone would freeze up and I would have to restart it.

Granted ,I have lived in metropolitan areas in the past. But for the last 20 years I have lived in a tiny town with less than 40 people and it’s located in the middle of rural america among the fields of corn and soybeans and cattle roaming in the pastures. I knew I would have to be extra attentive to the exits in order to arrive at my destination.

When I finally approached the nearby hotel I would be staying in, I pulled into a parking lot putting the address in Google maps and would have to wait up to 5 minutes before it would load. Then after it did, being able to zoom in on my destination took a couple of times before it would take. It was so frustrating! The excitement of seeing my old friend offset it.

Finally I made it where I would be staying. My cell phone continued to act up and now the battery wouldn’t hold a charge for very long. It would have been nice to get a selfie photo of the two of us but my cell phone wouldn’t have it.

On my way back home I would make two more stops where I needed the address. I had to go through the same thing. It was testing my patience literally.

My old cell phone was taking longer to load applications. My background photo would continue to set back to default. Every time I turned around I found myself rebooting it. I think I had  that cell phone for four years. They don’t last forever.

Fast forward a week. My mom had had a flip phone that was taped together. I suggested that she get a smart phone. It took me some doing too. She thought it would be too hard to learn. The deal breaker was I would also get a new cell phone just like hers and then I could help her with questions she would have. (She is 82 years young)


Here are some steps to protect your new cell phone you will be purchasing.

  1. Get A Firewall Protection Like McAfee When you purchase the antivirus you are allowed to put it also on your cell phone and your tablet.
  2. Restart It Each Week. It will extend the life of the phone
  3. Think Twice Before Adding An Unknown App On Your New Cell PhoneAs time goes on I have been learning this important lesson. Although many of the applications work so much better than a few years ago, many still have bugs that need to be fixed.
  4. Keep A Small Notebook Handy Dating Whatever You Add To Your Cell Phone. Because of my technical abilities at being novice, this has helped me tremendously when problem solving issues with my cell phone.
  5. Purchase A Protective Shield To Extend The Life Of The Cell Phone. I did this and am feeling better about it as I garden and the phone goes with me.
  6. Purchase A Case That Allows You To Carry A Debit Card And Your Drivers License. I was seeing more and more women carrying a small like wallet with a wrist handle. It was their cell phone! I decided to try it with my old cell phone and loved it! I work out 2 – 3 days a week and it works great at the gym! I hang my phone over my water bottle.

Hopefully these will give you some ideas to extend the life of your cell phone.






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