6 Tips For Building A Super Responsive List In 2016.

So you’ve made it across the first hurdle – you’ve managed to build a list for email marketing and now you are getting ready to…what, start counting the cash?

Hold your horses.

While list-building is an important first step in this entire process it’s definitely not a done deal that will magically turn into a money-making machine.

Your lists or rather, potential customers on those lists, have to be ‘primed’ so to speak.

There’s little worse than spending all that time building a subscriber base just to get no interactions, no love from your list.

So what constitutes a good list?

It’s fairly obvious: response rates, open rates, and clicks.

Building a responsive list is not easy but here are some tips I found to be working in 2016.

A combination of some of these might just do the trick for you and help you engage your subscribers on a level that will allow you to substantially increase your affiliate marketing revenue.

Build up your brand

Affiliate marketers were not big on this in the past – they didn’t need it.

Today, you can’t make a dent without relating to people and telling them what makes you different.


It hinges on two things:

  • Your ability to tell a believable story about who you are

  • Your willingness to share a problem that you were able to overcome

Both points are completely understandable. Let’s say you walk into a brick and mortar shop and you want to buy shoes.

The salesperson comes to you with a pair of shoes and exclaims: ‘Buy these, they’re $ 199 and they’re great!’

I would turn around on my heel and walk out.

Now imagine you walk into a different store. You’re browsing when a salesperson comes to you and starts weaving a story:

‘Listen friend, I noticed you’re checking out those price shoes over there.

Some of my customers complain they are a bit hard on the feet.

If you end up buying those I’d recommend buying a pair of shoe stretchers too so you don’t get blisters and calluses.

But I’d recommend these here – they’re $ 50 cheaper and more comfortable, in my opinion.

In fact, I’m wearing them right now. I’ve been working here for 8 years and I spend a lot of time standing up so I know what I’m talking about.

Who would you buy from – the pushy guy or the one who was able to inject a bit of personality into his pitch and even went the extra mile to give you a solid piece of advice completely free of charge?

The second guy reinforced his offer with credentials and a personal testimonial on why he uses the shoes himself.

This guy has a couple of minutes though; you have a lot more time at your disposal when you’re reaching out to your lists.

Use that time to establish yourself as the expert in the field and to build credibility.

Content / Offer Ratio

People don’t like to be sold to at every turn.

They’ve subscribed to your list not because you have the best deals out there but because they think you can answer their questions and offer solutions to problems they didn’t even know they have.

Don’t let them down.

My personal favorite is 3 to 1 – that means three helpful articles or blog posts followed by one offer.

It might be different for your niche, however.

I’ve once gotten a dozen of emails from a company before they even hinted at what they were selling.

It’s going to depend, but don’t go for the offer overkill – it’s the surest way to lose subscribers.

One more piece of advice: make sure to send them to your blog to read posts and articles – that way they’ll have a chance to take a peek at your past content and offers as well.

Diversify Your Content

In-depth guides like this one are great but they are not really everyone’s favorite format.

Make sure you diversify your content delivery and send out an occasional video to your audience.

It can be a recorded testimonial or a walk-through on how to use a particular product you’re promoting.

This approach will show significant results, especially if you’re reaching out to a younger audience.

In addition to videos, you have e-books, case studies, white papers, podcasts, and a whole bunch of other things at your disposal.

See what you can work in at minimal cost and incorporate it into your strategy.

Segment The Lists

I’m very careful with what I subscribe to personally but even with that I sometimes get a completely unrelated offer in my inbox.

Just the other day I got a great written pitch for a natural childbirth book.

It was a laugh because I usually get very on-point online course offers from that site.

My guess is that they’ve added a new product and simply ran it to their entire list.

Now, one time won’t really bother me – or anyone on your list for that matter – but multiple off-mark offers will get me to hit that unsubscribe button fast.

Collect as much data as you can without alienating your list and send out content that is specifically tailored to particular segments.

If you’re offering a toddler product, don’t send it out to mothers with preschool children and vice versa – they won’t have any use for it.

Connect With Them on Social Media

Make sure that all the posts that you send out to your list prominently feature social media buttons for platforms where you can be reached.

The purpose is two-fold:

  • You can connect with people there and possibly engage them in a conversation and build a stronger bond. This is great for personal brand-building as well.
  • People can share your content with others easily. More eyeballs might translate into more subscribers, especially if your squeeze page and opt-in form are good.

Keep a Schedule – Don’t Let Your Lists Run Cold

Have a rhythm to your emails.

Sending them out every day might not be a good idea unless you have killer content or you’re running a freebie email course.

People will get tired of fluff content laced with offers.

On the other hand, letting your lists run cold is also a huge mistake.

What do you do when you get an email from a company that you didn’t hear from in a year?

You delete it because you probably have no idea who they are and what they do.

You put a lot of effort into building a list so use it.

Email out 3 times a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – preferably at the same time.

These affiliate marketing list building tricks worked for me pretty well in 2016 – at least up to now.

Do you have any aces up your sleeve you’d be willing to share?

Drop down by the comments section; I would love to hear from you!


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