6 x Inspiration And Design Tips For Email Marketing

Here are my 6 x inspiration and design tips for your email marketing, and my guide to spicing them up, with a series of 30 x templates you can use for yourself.

Whether you are a blogger, an affiliate marketer, a retailer, a service provider or a network marketer, if you have an online presence, then I bet you have an email list! If not yet, then it is something you should seriously consider.

Read on to see the purpose of your email list.


With a fresh cup of coffee by your side and your fully-charged computer in front of you, you place your fingertips on the keyboard. It’s time to write an email to your subscribers.

After a 15-minute cycle of typing, deleting and staring at a blank email template, you find you can’t seem to gather the right words.

What in the world should you write?

Whether you have a lot to say and don’t know where to start, or you’re just dealing with the worst writer’s block ever, or you’re looking for new inspiration to level up your current email strategy, you’ve come to the right place.

Writing quality content – and doing so consistently – is one of the biggest challenges for anyone who sends emails. But it’s worth devoting time to. According to research from Statista, 86 percent of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies.
And that means you want to make sure you’re sending emails that create a positive experience with your brand, and motivate people to take action.

Making Connections

This is the main purpose of writing and sending  emails: to help you establish connections with your subscribers, introduce your brand and build trust for long- lasting relationships, including: confirmation emails, welcome emails, newsletters, event invitations and event follow ups

 So here are my 6 tips on writing great emails 😊

TIP #1 Bring value to your readers.

Your subscribers are busy individuals, and they won’t always consider your emails a top priority – especially if they’re subscribed to dozens of other email lists.


To ensure yours stand out in the inbox, make sure your emails are worth their time. Every email you send should bring value to your audience.

Whether it’s content (such as your latest blog post or a new ebook that addresses a common challenge they face) or a discount on a new product, there should be a clear benefit to the subscriber.
As you talk about your product or service, be sure to position it in a way that highlights the value and benefits it’ll bring to subscribers.

For some ideas on content, check out this blog on “5 Ways To Do Content Marketing” from PAC Author Kathryn McLean. Your email list is a fantastic way to direct readers to your blog!

TIP #2 Remember your subscribers are people.

Too many business owners view their subscribers as a list of faceless email addresses, just waiting to be turned into dollar signs – but subscribers see right through that.

As silly as it sounds, it’s important to remember that your subscribers are real people who want to know you, so have their best interest at heart.

Having this mindset before you send an email makes it a lot easier to identify what type of content is valuable to them.

TIP #3 Spark interest in your emails.

As you provide your readers with valuable and helpful information, keep it engaging. This will ensure your emails hold the attention of your subscribers, even when they’re busy or just cleaning out their inbox.

To stand out, keep your emails concise and relevant to their interests. And if it’s relevant to your audience, feel free to liven up your content with humour, engaging visuals and more.

TIP #4 Repurpose content you already wrote.

It’s inevitable that writer’s block will strike at some point. But if you’re light on content topics or can’t find the right words to express your thoughts, chances are you already wrote similar content somewhere else.

Many business owners already have the content they need – it just might be in a social post, blog article or a 1:1 email you sent to a customer.
You can always find lots of inspiration here on the PAC Blog!!

Look back at previous things you’ve written to see if you can extract anything and re-write it for your email.

As long as it’s relevant to your subscribers and what they expect to receive from you, you can reuse it to create your next email.

TIP #5 Write to one person instead of one thousand.

Whether you have a few hundred subscribers or a few thousand, the key to writing great emails is to imagine you’re only writing to one.

This will ensure your emails feel more like a personal message from a helpful friend instead of a mass email sent from a distant business.

To help you understand the specific needs of your target audience, consider creating a customer/client persona, so then you are writing to a person you can see in your mind.. or choose one of your actual customers!

Going through this valuable exercise can help you get a better sense of the individuals to whom you’re sending emails, as well as how you can create a product/service that’s truly aligned with their interests.

TIP #6 Get feedback from subscribers.

Writing well and using proper grammar are important for establishing credibility with your audience, but at the end of the day, subscribers care most about the content you’re sending them.

If you’re not sure if readers are gaining value from your emails, ask them for feedback and suggestions on what they want to learn about. This will either validate the content you’ve been sending, or will give you ideas on what to focus on in the future. In both scenarios, though, you’ll have a clear sense for what to write in your emails.

Plus, it’ll make your subscribers feel valued and trusting of your brand. A win-win!

For some actual email content tips, check out PAC POST: “10 Best Successful Tips For Email Marketing” by Muhammad Tabish

The Purpose of your email list

Now that we’ve covered the basics of writing emails that engage subscribers, let’s take a look at why you are building a list:

  • Making Connections
  • Introducing Your Brand and Nurturing Subscribers
  • Selling Your Product/Service
  • Developing Loyal Customers 

Obviously, each of these areas are important, and each of them will need you to write appropriate content, for the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

So I have compiled a series of templates for you to model, to cover all of these areas mentioned above, and you can access these in my Free Guide … “Spice Up Your Emails

Spice up Your Emails

Included in my Guide “Spice Up Your Emails” are a series of email templates to take the guesswork out of writing your emails.

With templates ranging from welcome emails to automated email campaigns to one-time broadcasts, you should find just what you need to easily write and send engaging emails.

I organised this guide by grouping together emails based on what they will help you accomplish (ex: making connections with your audience, introducing your brand, going for the sale, etc.).

Depending on your unique email content strategy, you may have different needs for your emails and will only need to send a few different ones to your audience.

As a result, this guide is meant to be a resource – not just for now, but also for reference in the future as you try new things with email marketing and test new types of emails to engage and grow your audience.

In the beginning of each chapter, you’ll learn more about the overall strategy and purpose of the types of emails in that section. At the end of each chapter, you’ll find all of the corresponding templates.

The templates are super easy to use: simply copy and paste the content into your email (or word document) and fill in the blanks.

So, if you are building an email list, I’m sure this guide should bring you some ideas!

Click the image above to grab your free copy.

To your success,

♡ Jacs


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