7 Google Tools For Bloggers

7 Google Tools For Bloggers

There are so many Google Tools that you can use to make your life easier when it comes to your online business. Today we’ll talk about 7 of them that you can use to make your experience more enjoyable.

1. Google Webmasters Tools.

One of the best things that you can do for your blog or website is to connect it with the webmasters. So you can index your site as soon as possible and found on Google
It’s going to give you data and diagnostics to help you keep your site clean & healthy.

If you want to impress, use as much of the Google tools as you possibly can.
First you have to map your domain name, which will give you the ability to connect with Google webmasters and verify that you own the content pages of your website.

The Google Webmasters Tools will give you heads up if there are any errors so you can stay on top of things.

You will be able to discover winch blog pages that you have been traffic oriented so you can focus more on them.

2. Google Voice

Google Voice gives you a number that you can use on all your phones. It’s connected to your email so you will receive a transcription of the call and you can read it just like a regular message, or you can listen to the voice message.

To set up Google Voice, you will need a *Google account:
*Touch-tone phone
*Computer with Internet access
*US number
I am from Canada, and for me to get the Google voice I need it to get a Twilio account first, it was a bit of a challenge till I figured out how to make it happen, but it’s so worth it.


3. Google Drive

Google Drive gives you free 15 GB of online storage. It’s great for keeping documents, pictures, videos and makes it easy to share and access from any computer, smartphone tablet.

No more worries about your files, you can take them with you everywhere.
It allows you to share large files fast too.

4. Google Docs, Google Forms & Googles Sheets, Google Slides and Lucindchard.

Google Docs to create Word documents.
Google Forms for creating surveys.
Google Slides for PowerPoint presentations.
Google Sheets for Excel spreadsheets.
Lucindchard for mapping out your projects.

All your projects are saved automatically and could be accessed from all your devices with a simple download of one app. And they all can be shared as well.

5. Google Calendar

I start using Google Calendar few yeas ago on a daily basis, and it keeps me organized and on top of my schedule.

You can have more than one calendar & sink them all. Also, you can have a business calendar with your free time dedicated to business meetings, events, appointments and sink it with your team members or clients. So they know when you are available.
You can create a group calendar and invite people to meetings and live events.
There is an option to set up reminders, popups or emails to go out in a certain time before a new event starts it could be 5 minutes, one hour, a day…, etc.
When you are organized & have everything set up with reminders, you will be saving time, and that will help you to be more productive as you will know what you need to get done every single day.

Create a Google calendar for your content

6. Google Trends

Google Trends will help you discover how popular are specific searches on Google and what is popular today, right now on Social Media.
You can use the optional forecast checkbox to see if particular topics are expected to rise over time.

7. Display Benchmarks

Find out how the display of your advertising campaigns compares to the rest of the industry. Comparing the different sizes & formats to each other.
Display Benchmarks will help you to plan & measure better the success of your display campaigns.

It will let you get updated industries benchmarks on what’s working and what doesn’t.
If you are running, international campaigns keep in mind that different formats will work in different countries.

Are you using some of them or all of them? Do you have favorite Tools?
As always thank you for visiting, I appreciate you! Give me your thoughts in the comments below. If you think this could be helpful for someone, please share :). 

Now Go Crash it!

 Till Next Time,

Take Care & Stay Cool!

Emi Koulev


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