7 reasons why people visit and read your blog?

Knowing why people read blogs could brutally change the way you write.

This knowledge may also have a positive touch on how you monetize your blog and hopefully boost your income.

If you want your articles to be tagged ‘mind-blowing’, you must have a grip on the factors that pull readers to your blog. People don’t just get blown by some digital wind. They have a reason for clicking through to your content and that’s what we want to dig out.

The first thing to note at this point is that readers come to your blog from different sources. And what brings them to your blog are your article titles and description.

From Twitter for instance, it’s the content of your tweet made up of simple text, harshtags and images. All these factors combined filter the category of readers you get.

From Search engine, clicks (or visitors) are attracted by your article title and meta description. Facebook is closer to Twitter. Both use the simple text, harshtags and images to push traffic to your blog.

But finally, why do people come to your blog?

Truth is if you know your readers, know what they want to use your blog to meet their needs, you are on your way to building a very popular blog. So let’s get to the meat of the post.

1 – They have problems

One of the main reasons people read around is the undeniable fact that they are in need of solutions to their problems.

The problems are in varied forms and that boils down to your niche. If you have this understanding, you will always want to make sure your articles are crafted towards solving a certain problem.

A reader who gains weight after birth certainly has a problem. She’s looking for how to lose these extra kilos  without having to visit the gym every 7 am. If you are in that niche and you are targeting this reader, your content must be aimed at helping her with a solution.

Now, with time, you are soon going to find out most of your readers fall within this group and this gives you a huge money making opportunity.


  • Propose a service to them and they pay you for it.
  • Recommend an affiliate product and earn commissions.
  • Etc

why people read blogs

2 –  Networking

Another reason people visit and read your blog is because they want to connect with you. In blogging, this is an important factor.

The more bloggers you are connected with, the more chances your blog stands to grow. Readers who want to connect with you often tend to drop comments, share your posts on social media, contact you, follow you on social media, etc.

Now, if you want this kind of readers, you must make sure you provide the items that will make things easy for them:

  • Have an itch-free commenting system.
  • Encourage them to drop a comment in your content.
  • Reply to their comments.
  • Say Thank You to them each time they tweet/share your posts
  • Link out to their posts and send them a notification.
  • Be personal and real.

Building a community in blogging is a huge marketing factor. If you’ve not considered this in your blogging career, you’ve been erring. start attracting people to connect with you from today.


3 – Infotainment

Folks generally want entertaining information. Secondly, they want to feel comfortable when acquiring knowledge.

This is very important…

If you are boring in your content, chances are that your readers will get pissed off and close your site for good.

Add elements on your blog that will make it entertaining and attractive. Once readers feel comfortable and entertained by your blog posts, they will signup to return.

Here are a couple of factors that could make your blog and articles  thrilling and sticky:

  • Choice of words
  • Beautiful images
  • Content formating
  • Fonts
  • Videos
  • Site load speed

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4 – Expectations

Some readers have known you for something good. They know each time they come to your blog, they are going to find something worth their time.

Every now and then, you find them checking your blog to find out if your next article is published. For this group of people, you have to be consistent. Don’t fail them because if you do, you may loose them forever.

5 – They heard about you

You’ve been blogging and making news. People talk about you during meetings and events. Someone just told a friend “your blog is awesome” And here the friend comes to your blog to find out more about you.

Maybe you applied for an opportunity. That brings some folks to your blog to try to find out more. They may end up becoming returning readers if you succeed in making your blog sticky.

6 – Just checking if you are still blogging.

Has someone ever come to your blog and mentioned he/she’s been away for long?

Yes it happens. People sometimes just get absent from your blog for some reasons. At some point they think about you and decide to find out if you are still blogging.

Make sure your blog is regularly updated with fresh content. Such readers will return and signup to your blog because they’ve found out you are still waxing strong.

7 – They want you down

Not everyone reading your blog prays for your success. Competitors want to know what makes you strong and what makes you weak. They want to be able to push you away from your top search position.

Some pay hackers to take down your business. Some are readers who spy for different evil motives. Some come to find out if you’ve published another ‘epic content’ for them to easily copy and paste.

There is no way to stop them from coming to your blog. But you have to know this category of readers exists.

Get ready for them –

  • Enforce your blog’s security
  • Do your backups
  • Protect your content (Text, images,etc)
  • Choose a reliable host
  • Etc

So these are just some of the reasons people visit and read your blog. Again, no one comes to you by chance. There is a driving force and knowing what they want is a strong marketing factor. That will help you prepare for them and not loose focus.

Thanks for reading. Drop a comment and let me know what you think.


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