7 Successful Women Entrepreneurs and Their Inspirational Leadership Tips


As an entrepreneur, you must recognize that your team members and clients depend on you for motivation and inspiration.

Leading by example is essential toward accomplishing that task. Effective communication is also vital, whether in oral or written format.

These seven successful women entrepreneurs specialize in blogging, coaching, and/or mentoring. You can glean wisdom from their accumulated experience by following these seven tips to become a more effective communicator and inspiring leader.

Inspire By Competence

Demonstrate your competence: The best way to gain new clients is to show them you know your business.”–Sarah Arrow, Sark e-Media and Birds on the Blog

Sarah Arrow and husband Kevin are co-owners of Sark e-Media, a company built on demonstrating competency and building confidence in those engaged in social media who need to grow their online businesses and increase their visibility. Sarah’s Birds on the Blog company focuses specifically on motivating business women. Both are award-winning companies, earning accolades from the likes of Forbes and other established media outlets.

You can develop confidence and competence in your business by participating in Sarah’s free blogging challenge, which helps you develop the habit of blogging daily and consistently. This in turn increases your visibility and extends your business reach. In fact, by applying what you learn about blogging, you could potentially win contracts from publishers, or go on TV and radio shows and increase your revenues, as have many of Sarah’s clients.


Inspire By Encouragement

I’m Delia, fearless blog cheerleader and your blogging coach…I’m obsessed with making people happy. –Delia Rusu, Happy Blogger Plaza

Delia Rusu truly embodies the encouragement she espouses to others. She is genuinely cheerful and helpful, and endeavors to provide thorough responses to inquiries from bloggers. She and husband Bogdan combined all their services and resources into one place, called the Happy Blogger Plaza.

With a focus especially on women bloggers, Delia uses her trademark happy attitude and insightful resources to encourage you to fulfill your potential as an effective blogger and communicator. By following the tips in her blog and applying the steps in the programs and blog strategy sessions, you can be sure your blog is going to be perfectly set up. Not only that, your blog and outreach will grow, so you can be a successful blogger in no time and make blogging work for your business.


Inspire By Intention

Women With Intention was created to help you embrace your season of life (no matter which one you are in), simplify, and achieve your goals.  I love helping women intentionally save money, grow in their faith, manage their home, and love their families! –Jenny Nickel, Women With Intention 

Jenny Nickel, wife and mother of five, decided in 2013 that she needed to live her life with more intention or purpose. She decided to start her blog, Women With Intention, to share her own “lessons of life” with other women, for the purpose of helping them achieve balance and a simpler life. Every Wednesday, Jenny hosts Women With Intention Wednesday as a blogging linkup for positive, purposeful, uplifting posts.

By following and implementing the tools available at Women With Intention, you can learn to live with purpose, simplicity, and balance. You will also learn to improve your self-care with self-care calendars you can download and print, and be inspired with simple home management tricks and tips to nurture relationships. By taking better care of yourself, and living with purpose, you can inspire and lead others into a more purpose-driven, intentional life.


Inspire By Mentoring

Stop Waiting for Inspiration! You’re a writer. You’re a professional. You’re serious about achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself and that includes getting your writing done! Writing is a CHOICE you’ve made.  So CHOOSE to go WRITE!  —Michelle Shaeffer, Girl Blogger Next Door

Michelle Shaeffer has earned a reputation as a blogger extraordinaire who inspires other bloggers with infectious energy and enthusiasm. For example, Michelle once wrote 42 blog posts in a single day. She has also mentored more than 10,000 bloggers (so far) through the Ultimate Blog Challenge, a quarterly event encouraging bloggers to write each day of the month with daily writing prompts. She has since delegated responsibility and oversight of that event to other proficient bloggers.

You can become a more successful blogger and expand the reach of your business blog by using blog post “sparks” or prompts, participating in workshops, seeking marketing and social media guidance, and using resources specifically designed for entrepreneurs. After benefiting from Michelle’s mentoring, you can go on to mentor others.


Inspire By Potential

What I stress the most is that we all have the potential to tap into our unlimited possibility within. My goal is to de-mystify Universal Laws and give people real, measurable, tangible results. –Kathy Hadley Life Coach

Kathy Hadley has been involved in life coaching for 25 years, earning her the reputation as a “life coach to life coaches.” She built her counseling, consulting, and coaching business on the foundation of law of attraction principles and universal laws.

By following these three specific principles, you can become a more inspirational leader:

  1. You get more of what you give your attention to, so start and end each day genuinely feeling gratitude for all you have already. This one thing can greatly improve your life.
  2. The first step to achieving what you want is writing it down. Keep a journal and write by hand (not on the computer) everything you want and date it. Check and date items when you manifest them.
  3. This is most important….tell no one. Keep private what you are wanting, so as not to disperse your power.


Inspire By Power

To say that I wear a lot of hats is an understatement. I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur with an extreme passion for helping others to step into their POWER and live the amazing life that they are meant to. –Dr. Elise Cohen Ho, Inspired Holistic Living

Among Elise’s numerous “hats” are her degree in natural medicine and her certifications in various health and wellness areas including herbalism and holistic health. She is also a health and wellness business coach, a professional blogger, a motivational speaker, and an author who has twice attained Amazon’s #1 best selling author status.

As an inspirational leader, you bring incredible POWER to the world with your own amazing, unique gifts.  When you understand and tap into your own story and remain true to your own beliefs, you become empowered to overcome obstacles, nourish your whole body (body, mind, and spirit), and attain a fulfilling, happy life.


Inspire By Vision

As to how we inspire or share our vision, often visionary individuals have a contagious personality and their passion carries over to those around them. Knowing your own vision helps you convey it to those around you. Seeing strengths in the people who come alongside you and your vision helps you to draw them in through ways that are a natural fit. –Patty Hessler Scott, Hearts Homeward

Patty Hessler Scott has over 20 years of experience as a consultant, writer, and speaker who focuses on inspiring others with vision, or the ability to see clearly into the future.

You can develop your own vision and leadership by following these steps:

  1. Be willing to take risks and step out of your comfort zone.
  2. Achieve a sense of clarity about your present and its impact on your future.
  3. See needs and meet them to reach people where they are.
  4. Develop confidence by identifying your own strengths and weaknesses, and accomplish what you set your mind to do.
  5. Focus on the goal of your endeavors rather than on what people think, and confront opposition because you believe in what you are pursuing.
  6. Engage your creativity, the soul food most entrepreneurs thrive on, and create something that doesn’t currently exist.


 What about YOU?

What do you think of these inspirational strategies?

Do you have other strategies you regularly implement?

Have you had the privilege of interacting with any of these women?


Would enjoy reading your thoughts, please comment below.

Karen Lee Banks



Personal/professional interaction with the women entrepreneurs featured, through workshops, webinars, and Facebook mastermind groups

Plus their respective websites:

(Sarah) http://www.sarkemedia.com/about

and  http://birdsontheblog.co.uk/

(Delia) http://happybloggerplaza.com/about/

(Jenny) http://womenwithintention.com/women-intention/

(Michelle) http://michelleshaeffer.com/about/

(Kathy) http://kathyhadleylifecoach.com/about/

(Elise) http://www.elisecohenho.com/meet-elise/

(Patty) http://heartshomeward.com/the-girl-behind-the-words/


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