8 Health Tips For The Work At Home Entrepreneur

It is estimated that by the end of this year 63 million people will work from home.

63 million people who often forget to follow important health tips as they work to increase productivity. I aim to change that.

The at home worker faces different challenges than the  person who works at a traditional office. The call of the snacks in the kitchen, the lack of face to face human interaction and the tendency to forget common practices of “coffee breaks” and lunch breaks can wreak havock on your body and your psyche.

With these eight health tips you can increase productivity, reduce stress and keep your health (or even improve it).

  • Take a shower, fix your hair and get dressed. It may be tempting to stay in your pajamas all day but research proves that getting dressed for your work day increases productivity.
  • Get out of the house. If your day to day activities do not get you out of the house then find another reason such as a lovely midday walk, working away from home for the day or any activities outside of work hours such as date night, shopping or any number of other activities. The point is that staying in your home all day, every day can be very emotionally limiting.
  • Take breaks. I often hear of folks eating lunch at their desk, or skipping lunch altogether, in addition to no other breaks during the day. Your available work hours when you work at home is actually longer than a traditional work day due to the lack of commute time. Use this to your advantage. Take regular breaks during the day, eat lunch away from your computer, get up and stretch every hour. You can even throw in a few quick mini workouts such as 15 squats, 20 scissor kicks or a 2-3 minute plank.  That will get your blood pumping and help you to keep focus during the day. For deskercise tips click HERE.
  • Create office space. Even if you do not have space for a full on home office it is still important to create a work space that is not in the middle pf your personal space. Creating this separation will help with focus during the work day and engagement in your personal time both of which create a happier, healthier you.  For some ideas click HERE and be sure to consider a standing desk for an extra boost in your step.
  • Keep office hours. Working 24/7 is one of the worst tendencies of the at home entrepreneur. Down time is very important for your physical and mental well being. Equally important is staying focused during your office hours so that you can be productive. Just as you would not “throw in a wash”  or wash the dishes, floors or do other daily chores during a traditional office work day do not allow these things to derail you from your entrepreneurial work. Create boundaries.
  • Use the flexibility.  There is a great deal of flexibility when you are in charge of your  own schedule, use this to your advantage. In addition to your mini workouts, schedule regular exercise sessions just as you would any other appointment. You can also schedule in a brief break to prep dinner so that it can be easily cooked after the work day, meetings with friends,  and any other responsibilities that need to be attended to during the work day.
  • Stay hydrated. Proper hydration enhances focus, reduces physical stress on your body and can allow you to deal with mental/emotional stress more efficiently. So DRINK UP!
  • Choose healthy snacks and meals. You are home which means it is much easier for you to choose healthy foods than it is for your work outside of the home counterparts. At the same time, it can be much harder as food is at your fingertips all day. Pack your kitchen with foods that are easy to prepare, are not processed and support your health goals. Click HERE for ideas.

Naturally Yours,

Dr. Elise Cohen Ho

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