Welcome to the Power Affiliate Club (PAC)!

The following information may answer some questions you have about PAC and what we do as a community. First WHO is PAC for?

  • New and not so new bloggers
  • Experienced bloggers who like to help new bloggers
  • Bloggers who want to be part of a meaningful community
  • Bloggers who want to be a PAC Expert Author and build their writing/blogging skills
  • Bloggers who want to be promoted online
  • Bloggers who want to be appreciated for their contributions and get paid

So.Most people think when they hear or read the word “Affiliate” they think it only refers to products or programs to sell online or offline. You might also be thinking that’s the only thing we do here at PAC. Well, we encompass much more than this.

The definition of “Affiliate” is, says Webster’s Dictionary:

” To closely connect (something or yourself) with or to something (such as a program or organization) as a member or partner”

We “Affiliate” ourselves with many things – clubs, organizations, causes, missions, lifestyle and in so many more areas. And it’s true, PAC does promote Member Affiliate Products.

However, what we affiliate ourselves with more are bloggers, new and seasoned, helping them, even you, be successful with their blogging experience on the internet.


PAC Engage

We do this by providing an “EFFORT” based membership where members participate in various activities that teach blogging etiquette , website design, blog content and creation, writing skills, and more, while providing support along the way.

Our PAC Expert Authors are affiliated  with different interests as their articles will show. This is the wealth of PAC, our writers, their experiences, their perceptions, and the willingness to share it with you and our readers. We now pay our writers – which is very exciting …

This is what PAC is all about: YOU!

How did PAC begin?

“It would be nice if friends bought from each other instead of going right to the affiliate company …” Monna Ellithorpe  said. And with that simple thought PAC was created  4 years ago now.

PAC is an extension of the Power Blogging and Affiliate Community (PBAC)  on Facebook created by Lesly Federici about 5 years ago. PAC became an extension of the Facebook group providing a community blog where members could expand their blogging knowledge, expertise, and learn new skills using the internet through a community environment.

[tweet_dis]PAC is an “Effort” based community – meaning, through the activities we offer we “teach” members through the results  they experience. What members learn …[/tweet_dis]

What PAC Promotes:

  • Communication etiquette
  • Social Media etiquette
  • 80/20 rule in blogging content
  • K L,T , (Know, Like, Trust) factor in Attraction Marketing
  • Effort equals results
  • Engagement tactics
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Blog content methods and resources
  • Good writing skills
  • Building relationships
  • Blog design and maintenance
  • Blog Reviews
  • Comment etiquette
  • Celebrating Members
  • Confidence and “Can-do” attitudes
  • Opportunity to be a PAC Intern


[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]PAC grew out of a desire to help our friends be better bloggers, enhance their internet skills and  earn income online/ This was the initial objective. But then the PAC Community Blog was created so friends who were also bloggers could promote their opportunities as well.[/tweet_box]


PAC Community

What’s developed over the past 4 years is a loyal, global, talented membership pool of bloggers,  16 PAC Expert Authors, Alexa ranking of 231,000 and rising, and a “Big Fat Vision” to become the “Huffington Post for Bloggers”.

This service offers member support and reciprocity by creating an opportunity to buy from our members first before buying from unknown affiliate promoters.

[tweet_dis]The culture radiating in the PAC Community is effort based, reciprocal, and supportive. When it comes to blogging, we are a dynamic group of people who generate traffic to each other’s blog ,  creating engagement by liking, sharing, and commenting on their content. It’s a win-win and the fastest way to get traffic to a blog .[/tweet_dis]

The benefits are numerous! Such as – improved writing skills as an Expert Author, content development,  promotion, social media engagement, building relationships, and also trust among members.  The “Know, Like, and Trust” factor ” guides PAC activities.

People often buy from or refer products to those they know, like, and trust. Being a member of the PAC community, and getting to know the quality of our membership through the Community Blog provides instant results of making new friends, increased online exposure, and traffic to member blogs.


What We Offer: PAC Works for You!

 1.PAC Expert Authors

Power Affilite Club

 PAC offers the opportunity for bloggers, new and seasoned to write for the Community PAC Blog. This experience hones writing skills and provides instant Authority and Credibility to our Expert Authors. It also builds confidence and provides a resource to add to a resume. PAC Expert Authors write about their niche, share their knowledge and expertise with our readers and the world. PAC promotes author content on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to increase their online exposure.

We also have a program “PAC Authors Pay Pool”where authors earn financial rewards. Apply here

2. Blog Commenting and Syndication

Part of the PAC System is to network with other bloggers, comment on their blog posts, and syndicate their content. This very action increases “ENGAGEMENT” on their blogs which increases search engine ranking and organic traffic. 

We have a weekly blog share where members submit a blog post in our Facebook community and members visit and syndicate their blogs. We also have a “Daily Blog Share” another Facebook group where members and others (this is an open group) may post their blog posts.

3. PAC Contests and Blogging Challenges

PAC Contests aim to increase your visibility on the Internet!  We celebrate and highlight the efforts of our members who help to build our community and the PAC Blog.

4. Member Recognition

PAC values its members. Membership is the “juice” that keeps PAC thriving. Through monthly “Author’s Night” where people can meet our authors, Highlighting and Spotlighting our members on the PAC blog, and randomly appreciating a PAC member weekly are ways to say thank you, give back to our members, and to increase their exposure on the internet by promoting their opportunities. We also have “PAC Member Profiles” which are similar to Online “Business Cards”.

5. The PAC Community

PAC has a great community of members who share information and knowledge about blogging and other interests. There are daily activities members can participate in, making it a vibrant, inspirational, and motivating community. PAC – Blogging Challenge and Affiliate Community is free to join.

6. We Reach Out to Others

ENGAGEMENT is the way to build your business. SEO is nice, but not as effective as it once was. We have “Reach Out days to help people overcome their shyness in staring a conversation with a strange. The more “practice” in this area the better for our members in making connections, meaningful connections online – this is how you build relationships.

7. PAC Gigs

PAC now allows members to offer their services for a wonderful flat rate of $5.00! Get a service from someone you know, like, and trust. Read how PAC Gigs are getting noticed!

8. PAC Authors Pay Pool

The “Pay Pool” is a financial reward to authors. The more PAC Authors we have the more money authors can receive. Apply here

9. Donate!

Be a “PAC Growth Factor” help this blogging community stay alive and well online. Be a catalyst for PAC growth especially if you love us :-). We’ll promote you and your website on our Patron page!

So, what do you need to do to join us?

PAC Love

  1.  To participate in the Power Affiliate Club you must be a member. 
  2. It’s required you have a personal blog, new to blogging, or starting one.
  3. Participate in the PAC Facebook group
  4. An affiliate of a product, program, or service (optional)

If you meet the above requirements, you can join the Power Affiliate Club. It’s free to our members. Check out our member benefits here.

updated December 17, 2017