Affiliate Marketing ~ How to make money

Affiliate Marketing is by far an interesting and a smart way to make money online.

What’s more interesting is that anyone can make money promoting others products and earning commissions.

I remember in those early days, it was easy to wrap up words, trick search engines and rank on page #1. A lot has changed, making it quite difficult for the beginners and some intermediate marketers to generate sales and earn commissions.

Blogging is relatively new. It’s fast becoming a reliable affiliate marketing tool. As I write this post, my blog is just about a year old. However, I’m gradually transforming it into a real money generating tool with affiliate marketing at the center.

While I make money by selling my own products and publishing sponsored content, I strongly believe that the best way to empower your blog for more and more earnings is affiliate marketing.

There are generally 2 ways affiliate marketing can help you make money from your blog. Now don’t just skip over this because you think you know what I’m about to share with you.  Take a closer look and I’m sure you will discover something you probably didn’t know;

1 – Banners

This has been around for a very long time. Simply, you grab banners from any affiliate marketing product and publish on your blog.

Now let me say this …

For the most part, you will find banners on sidebars of many blogs. I don’t have anything against this approach but, definitely, this is less targeted and less effective.  I’ll tell you a better alternative just in a while.

A banner on your sidebar gets viewed by everyone that comes to your blog and that makes you think you have a better chance of generating a sale from that banner –


Wrong and I’ll prove it in just a moment !

Here is the better alternative I mentioned above ;

-> Place banners on post content

That’s the better (best) way to place banners on your blog and generate more sales. The simple reason is that banners on post content are more targeted and are only exposed to the right audience.

If you publish a ‘how-to’ article on how to manually remove a certainly virus from a Windows Computer, chances are that everyone reading that article is suffering the effect of that virus and is seeking solutions to it. Not everyone reading that article is comfortable with messing around their system registry trying to get rid of that virus.

That’s why a banner on that content advertising an Antivirus designed with capacity to treat that same infection will get more clicks and possibly more sales.

If that same banner was on sidebar, it will definitely not get that much attention from readers of that article. Banners on sidebars may be getting more views but this in reality masks and makes it less visible to the most targeted visitor.

In addition, placing banners on post content gives your blog the ability to carry more adverts without getting stuffed. It’s simple to understand ;

If you have 150 blog posts and 100 of these articles carry targeted banners, that simply means you have 100 banners on your blog at any given minute and no reader is ever going to notice it and no one will ever fill irritated.

Tell me… are you able to post 100 banners on your sidebar at the same time?

The answer obviously is NO

So you see how posting banners on post content gradually will transform your blog into a money making tool.

2 – Review Affiliate Products

Telling others about helpful products on your blog is a huge way to make money as a blogger.  While you can just get paid once by product owners to tell your audience about their product, a better way that guarantees recurring earnings is reviewing affiliate products.

I do both and make quite interesting amount of money. In this blog post, I shared with my readers how I get customers to pay me instantly so I can write about their products. This quickly gives me some money to take care of immediate issues. But I don’t limit myself to once off payment.

Most of the customers that pay you money to review their products don’t allow you to signup and use your affiliate link on the paid post. They think you are making more money than you should 😉

To make sure your blog keeps generating income, review affiliate products. What I mean simply is that tell your readers (in product review posts) about products that can help them, link to these products on your affiliate link.


Do not just review any product because of its commission. Your reputation is on the line! So be sure to trust any product before writing about it because some of your readers are simply going to buy based on your recommendation. If you recommend valueless products, you risk destroying the trust your audience has for you – it takes time to be trusted.

Recurring Commission – a better option!

Some products pay your commission once per sale. That means someone buys and you are paid just one time from that client. This is good but for long term income, you are getting nothing more.

Other products pay monthly or yearly. This is by far a better option. You make the sale once and each time the customer gets billed, you are paid your commission. I encourage reviewing this type of affiliate products. The more sales you make, the more your monthly earnings increase with little effort.


In summary, here is how to gradually turn your blog into a real money making machine with Affiliate marketing;

  • Use affiliate banners on post contents so you can add unlimited banners to your blog.
  • Review affiliate products. Link to them with your affiliate link. Preferably, review products that pay recurring commissions.

That’s it for today!

I will have a lot more to share with us on this same topic. Affiliate Marketing is vast and new tactics are coming up by the day. Hook to PAC. Signup to our feed so you don’t miss a thing.

I’ll also be excited to hear what you think in the comment box below 😉

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Enstine MuKi

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