Why Analysis And Competitor Research Is Important.

My thanks to Joy Healey for giving me this subject idea. Competitor analysis is an important part of what we need to do when trying to rank a web page. Her question, leading to this post was “How on earth can I compete against SO many results?”

My answer has to be based on research of your competition and the analysis of the results they have. Competitor analysis and research is so important. This is even more relevant when the competition is stiff. Knowing what the others have done to gain their rank is key to being able to rank higher than they do.

I thought it actually warranted more than just a blog post, so here is a video to show you some key points in doing competition analysis and research using Majestic and Open Site Explorer from Moz.com.

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If you want to go into this even more and learn more about SEO starting from a local level, check out my Local Domination SEO course. Also, please check out my PAC membership page here.

I hope you can now go out and effectively do your own competitor analysis and beat them in the search results.



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