Believe It or Not – A Simple Trick To Clear Clothes Clutter



Try the Backward Hanger Trick!

Here is a simple trick to clear clothes clutter so it is easier to decide what stays and what goes when going through the hanging clothes of your closet.

It’s turning all the hangers in your closet so they hang backwards. To make them hang correctly, one at a time, will be when you wear a piece of clothing. You will then hang it back up correctly. This nifty trick helps you to get a better idea of what you are actually wearing and the ones you don’t.

This is such a simple yet effective tip that I promote two times a year in my closed group Marilyn’s Way  Participants  on a clothes de-cluttering mission for the first time around, or maintenance, whichever stage you’re in can join these events in in March and in August.

Why Does This Tip Work?

Because many of us practice the “Pareto Principle” which means that many of us actually only wear about 20% of the clothes in our closet! The other 80% is just taking up valuable space. A handy way to evaluate each item is to ask 9 questions while you are decluttering your clothes.

With this method, it makes it easier on yourself rather than trying to remember from memory. The key is to give it 3 to 6 months before evaluating again. In no time you will only be hanging the clothes you love using this method.

If you would like to get a better understanding of the clothes you own I am working on a book ‘Too Many Clothes, Nothing To Wear – Understanding Clothes Clutter And Tips To Clear It’. I plan to publish it soon! Be on the lookout for it!

I hope this simple tip will help you become brave to start this part of your decluttering journey in your home.






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