The Benefits Of Daily Digital Journaling

Should You Make Time For Daily Digital Journaling?

I know that each year it seems we have less and less time to get things done. It’s amazing, isn’t it? We still have the same 24 hours that we had years ago, and the very same 24 hours as everyone else, yet it just doesn’t seem to be enough. So, I’m sure you’re thinking about digital journaling as just another thing to do. Well, it is — and it isn’t.

Why Daily Digital Journaling

For one thing, it can be your “safe place.” The only place you can go to vent, write down what may be considered by others as silly or crazy thoughts, goofy jokes that no one else gets, and you can find your “true voice.” I know that when I journal, it helps me improve my writing skills, helps me to stay focused, and I improve my overall mood and attitude.

Journaling helps clear the mind, lets you review and make sense of difficult and stressful life situations, and it gives you a go-to place to review and uncover any unhealthy thought patterns.

It’s been quite some time since I was actively involved in journaling. With technology today, I thought I’d do some research and see what’s out there. Yes, there’s an app for that! Several good apps it turns out.

What To Look For In A Good Journaling App

Look for an app that lets you easily and quickly add a snapshot or a quick note about an important or memorable event. Think of all the things you can track that many years from now will be brought right back to the front of your mind so you can relive them.

Also, look for an app that allows you to easily backup and restore your journal. Are you into design? Then look for apps that allow you to customize your journal in creative ways so that you enjoy logging in and creating entries on a daily basis.

Another useful feature is being able to print to PDF. Then you can share the file easily with your network. Oh, and make sure it includes a spell checker or else you will have to find one to use.

I look for apps that are free with the ability to upgrade to a premium version if I really like it. This is usually a good sign that the developers will continue to add new features and benefits if they have a premium version to upgrade to.

Image: Journey App on Monitor, Tablet, and Android

What App I Use For Daily Digital Journaling And What To Expect

Since I am an Android user, I have found through much research that Journey for Android is the best journaling app available at this time. It is available as a free app in the Google Play Store for Android and iPhone. Also install it on Google Chrome from the Chrome Web Store.

If you are an iPhone/Apple device user, I say give it a try. If you don’t like it, my recommendation would be to try Day One or Penzu. There’s a good overview here of these apps.

For those of you that prefer video, here’s a step-by-step view of what to expect when installing Journey on an Android:

10 Reasons Daily Digital Journaling Is Worthwhile

After committing to journaling again, I remembered just how much it helped me on so many levels. The benefits are so powerful, I just had to share this information with others. I know that some will resist the idea of using a digital method for journaling, but maybe after you read my list you just may change your mind.

Some of the benefits as listed below seem to overlap, but I tried to hone in on key benefits even though each point is interconnected.

  • It’s just plain easier and faster to enter notes and information digitally than using pen and paper. I’m sure I’m not the only one that likes things neat and organized. It’s easier to accomplish this via digital entries versus looking for a pen and paper and hastily scribbling some notes when you’re on the go and in a hurry. Plus, you won’t lose your notes, they are backed up. It’s also easier to edit, add-to, and make changes.


  • It forces you to focus on some “me time” each day. Once you get into the habit of taking time each day to recount your thoughts, ideas, and activities, you will find that daily journaling is therapeutic. If you are a blogger like me, each day is filled with “service” activities such as researching new blog topics that my readers want to know more about, reaching out to my community through social media, emails, and phone calls to make sure they get the best service possible, and strategizing new marketing campaigns. Many people have “jobs” as well, small children, families to take care of, perhaps disabilities that challenge them… we all have challenges. It is important that you find the time to deal with you, your growth, your goals, and your personal development on a daily basis.


  • Daily Digital Journaling helps you to quickly identify issues that otherwise might have remained hidden. I suggest a weekly review of your digital journal. Look for signs of things that are holding you back from progressing, moving forward, or reaching your goals. At first some of these may seem insignificant, watch for trends. If you are in touch with your feelings, moods, and habits each day, any negative issues or weaknesses can be identified quickly and decisions made on how to turn the weaknesses into strengths.


  • Daily Digital Journaling can assist you in assessing your overall health. As in benefit number 2 above, since you are paying attention on a daily basis, you will also notice changes or trends in your physical, emotional, or spiritual health. How are you sleeping? What is your diet like? Are you staying hydrated? Are you taking regular breaks or mini-breaks throughout your day? Do you meditate? Do you take time for cat-naps? Do make sure you aren’t sitting in front of a computer for hours on end? Do you get daily physical activity of some sort? Catch issues early on. Everything is connected, our physical, emotional, spiritual and energy levels, moods, habits, and so on. Monitor your overall health by daily journaling and reviewing at least monthly.


  • It builds confidence. As you journal and track your daily activities, you will also be recording your goals, strategies, ideas, and inspirations. As you review your entries, you will see trends and patterns. Pay close attention to what platforms, strategies, techniques, and desired outcomes are reached and what caused failure. As time goes by, you will see great progress. I find a digital journal review particularly confidence-building when I think I’m not getting anywhere. My journal proves me wrong!


  • Adds Security and Privacy. Speaking of reviewing your digital journal entries, a digital journal is much easier to secure, archive, and review. Imagine years and years of digital entries means that you can protect, secure, archive and review to your heart’s content all from within a single application accessed by all of your devices and platforms!
    • Imagine having photo albums, diaries, or journals and decades of history all packed placed in storage. All of that can be avoided with a digital record kept private for as long as you want it private. Use a passcode and no one can take a peek.
    • No more worry about dampness, mold, fire, misplacing heirlooms or historic photos, or any other major “act of God” disaster. What about this suggestion: Interview your older relatives, capture their story on video forever.  Then tell your thoughts and impression about the interview. Let your imagination run wild. 🙂


  • Add Tracking Location, Date, and Timestamp. Sometimes you just want to jot something down really quickly, say an appointment and want to come back to it later. I don’t know about you, but if I use a pen and paper system, I may forget to go back to that note to finish tasks later on. I could use Outlook or another reminder service, but it’s so many steps! A digital journal can accurately date and time stamp entries.  As a photographer, I like that if I’m out on a shoot, it can also stamp or geotag my location and current weather at the time. Using these options you can remember exactly where you were and what the weather was like when you took a specific shot. You can also choose to not include this information for privacy reasons.


  • Digital Journaling allows you to tag and search. Even though you can come up with a system to search your pen-and-paper journals, it’s easier and faster to tag and search digitally.


  • Print and export as a PDF. Since you are able to print and export as a PDF, it will be easy to combine journal entries or journal sections together to create an e-book project. It also allows for easy email or social media sharing.


  • Backup your Digital Journal to Google Drive. You can also keep your Journey Digital Journal private but through Google Drive or Dropbox, you can work on specific projects with others. Journey backs-up to Google Drive but I would export as a PDF to Dropbox as well. This is a great idea for family history work or a business team project. The ability to backup and restore is a great feature. Backup your work regularly.


For all of the features and professional reviews of Journey, go here.

There is much scientific evidence that shows journaling is a healthy habit.

My Therapy Journal states that, “Expectedly enough, scholars of various disciplines have studied the effects of journaling and found that it provides significant benefits to not only one’s psychological well being, but also one’s physical health and physiological functioning (Smyth, 1998).  Several researchers for example (Greenberg et al., 1996; Spera et al., 1994; Pennebaker and Francis, 1996), have shown that people who journal report having significantly less distress (i.e. suffering, sorrow, pain), feeling less depressed, and having an overall better mood.

Additionally, individuals also report that journaling changes they way they behave towards and around other people (Pennebaker & Graybeal, 2001).  Other studies have found that people who journal for extended periods of time (months) also report an increase in emotional well-being (Park & Blumberg, 2002), a better day-to-day mood (Páez et al, 1999), and fewer symptoms of depression (Lepore, 1997).”

The main focus of this post is to commit to daily digital journaling. It doesn’t matter which digital journaling app you choose, it’s important to stay consistent to see real progress and results. You might find that digital journaling on a daily basis just might be the cornerstone of your overall health and well-being both personally and professionally.

Are you digital journaling? After reading this post, do you think you’ll try digital journaling? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to know what you think.

I’ll be reading your comments below.

~ To your health and well being,


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