Biggest Instagram Marketing Lies Revealed

Guest article by Rohan Chaubey

Here are the biggest lies about Instagram marketing!

Social media marketing ecosystem is rotten with fraud and fake “social media experts”. The lies they spread to control the perception of the industry to advance their interests benefits no one except themselves.

Lie #1: Instagram Marketing Does Not Cost You Anything

Some marketers think Instagram is an absolutely free platform, and marketing their brands on Instagram would cost them nothing. That’s correct, it’s free!

BUT what about your marketing skills and the time you spend on it.

Not to mention, the cost of designing posts, hiring a professional photographer if you’re an influencer and the expenses of boosting Instagram posts to get extra attention to your pictures or website traffic.

As the saying goes ,“Time is Money”.

The above quote itself says it all – your marketing strategy and the time spent executing the strategy is valuable.

If you were offering an Instagram management and growth service to your clients, you will charge them money. Because your knowledge and time equalize to money.

Similarly, when you do it for yourself, it costs you money as you are investing time in Instagram marketing. Imagine what you could do to grow your business if you could save the time you spend on Instagram.

Lie #2: Posting More Often Results In Decrease In Instagram Engagement Rate

Some seasoned marketers are reluctant to increase the post frequency as they fear that if they do, the post volume will impact their engagement rate.

They think the number of likes and comments they get per post will go down. An original study published TailwindApp proves that this is not true. Posting more actually increases engagement rate.

The truth is this – If you have a large account, you should be posting multiple times a day as your audience can be active in different time zones.

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If you have less than 5K followers, posting once daily would help to keep your audience engaged and active.

No consistency means no engagement at all. That means you are not able to provide value to your followers.

The Instagram algorithm is more likely to favor you if you are consistent with your posts.

If you are inactive on Instagram for a long time, gradually and most probably you will see your valuable followers unfollowing you. And that’s the reason why you need to maintain the momentum and consistency.

Lie #3: The Number Of Instagram Followers Is The Primary Metric To Measure

Marketers can mistake the number of followers as more influence.

What marketers really need to understand is there is a difference between influence and popularity.

Let me help you understand this with an example. Say a fashion brand wants to promote their hand-knitted sweaters on Instagram.

If you are popular, you can have tens of thousands of followers. But there is no guarantee of influence. Your followers may or may not take your endorsement seriously.

However, if you’re a niche blogger, who has a following who are knitting enthusiasts or love knitted garments, your followers are more likely to buy the hand-knitted sweaters reading your endorsement for the brand.

What I am trying to say is this – It is not important to be popular or have more followers, what’s more important is to be more influential or have niche followers.

Hence, a number of Instagram followers is a vanity metric. It can be easily manipulated, and do not necessarily correlate to the numbers that really matter: active followers, engagement rate, and ultimately influence and profits. The latter are more actionable metrics.

You should be knowing why you are marketing your brand on Instagram; is it to create more brand awareness, sales or subscribers, etc.

Your goals determine what metrics you want to chase.

Having a huge fan following does not guarantee huge profits.

Does buying followers help?

Brands, celebrities, influencers, athletes and even politicians are known to boost their social media stats by purchasing fake followers.

PR is perception management. The number of followers is something that many people look for and it is a common metric that brands use to measure their own Instagram efforts.

If you want to be on the dark side of Instagram marketing, you can try buying followers. But that is not something I recommend or encourage my clients to do.

Over time you will see a sharp drop in your engagement rate if you have purchased followers and you might want to start a new account altogether to gain real influence.

Your goal is to reach real followers who you can eventually turn into paying customers.

Having a decent following with good engagement rate is better than having a massive following with almost no engagement.

A gradual approach is always better to not get distracted from the true purpose of marketing

Now, it’s an open secret that every social media platform has certain algorithm behind it. All the aspects work according to the algorithm or an Artificial Intelligence system.

It’s the same case with Instagram. Instagram tends to prioritize posts in the newsfeed or discover feed which get more engagement in the first few hours.

And to get those early engagements and interaction, you always have to rely on your loyal followers. It is impossible to achieve this using purchased bot followers.

How do you get loyal followers and engagement?

Growing a large following or getting more engagement on your Instagram posts costs a lot of your precious time.
An Instagram growth agency GetRiver has a team of Instagram experts that do the work for you so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

GetRiver is a trusted agency which has been featured on the HuffPost, TheNextWeb and many popular blogs. Not to mention, they have served over 40,000+ Instagram influencers and celebrities.

The team of experts, not only help you boost your engagement but also act as consultants to define your Instagram marketing strategy and helps you position your brand as an authority in your niche. You can avail your 7 days free trial right away!


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